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August 12-14 Alpha comments/login


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Few things i noticed poking around so far.

First, once you manage to download/install it, it asks account name, can be confusing as in real it expects your email



Installation seem to work fine if patient, but it could show some progress while installing Visual C++ libraries (its done on background now, and "nothing happens" on this time, can confuse as may seem that it froze).  Its installing both 32 and 64 bit libraries, are both really needed on all systems? 

Game starts default in full screen. Maybe launcher could ask window or full screen on first lunch at least? 

To exit login screen you need to only use "Quit". Adding "X" on top right somewhere on login page could be helpful

Game runs after login, can run around kill some low level mobs, also have start interactions with npc 🙂


PS! created accidentally in wrong forum section, could someone move it please, sorry 😅

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