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What kind of a server exactly is this?


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OK, so this may sound sketchy, but I really want to understand the whole picture.

I did not find actual "About Us" so I don't get what kind of a server is this.
There is a lot of hype and traffic around, so I thought maybe this is a very well crafted project with famous people working on it and so on.

Then I login to the "Alpha Stress Test" and dear god, the things I saw.
I mean there are so many bugs, glitches, problems, you name it.
It seems the whole thing is in quite an early stage and will need months of meddling around (if not years).

Then I thought - maybe this have something to do with the osIROSE project.
I mean they are trying to rewrite everything from scratch, open source style, but as that's a slow process the whole thing is still more of a POC, than anything else.
So I've asked around, but no. This server have nothing to do with osIROSE or any open source idea in general.

So what it is actually and why it's so broken if it uses already existing server files. (O.o)
I'm not trying to complain, troll, blame or anything - just to understand.

I myself have some of the old Tsuki Rose Online server files that I use privately just to mess around and to me even those seemed better and less buggy than what I've seen today here. And those Tsuki server files are really not that good, so imagine my surprise.

Seriously, I just want to understand the scope here.

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This development team is called Rednim. They are a small indie group who purchased the license from Gravity and are going to be continuing on with the work of RoseNA prior to the shut down.

This current team did not like where the original NARose was heading and are going to be modifying everything to their liking. Some things that are mentioned are the rework of the cleric class (that is to say they removed a lot of buffs because they don’t want clerics to just be buff slaves), some UI, and an overhaul of the Item Mall (they don’t believe in pay to win). 

The reason why you may see some bugs and stuff is because this game is still in alpha. They want to fix everything prior to releasing the game as a whole. The point of the stress test is to just test the capabilities of the server so they’re not experiencing any issues during beta/actual release. 

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Just to add to what Avatar said:

  • The devs previously worked on their own projects (ROSE Next, osROSE, shinROSE etc.).
  • The project is entirely based on the original codebase of naROSE at the point of shutting down, which they've been handed by Gravity and not on the projects they've been working on before.
  • The bulk of the work they have put in so far is understanding, untangling and updating said codebase, fixing (but inevitably also creating) bugs in the process.
  • The main goal during alpha is to get to a point where the team is in the position to actually make changes to the game (which requires tools, that are either outdated or non-existant) and to fix game breaking bugs.
  • In the process they have added a few work-in-progress features, like controller support or WASD movement. These require a lot of work to feel great, but it's already cool to be able to try the early version.
  • For this stress test, we wanted to see a lot of people on one map for a longer time. The quest chain to maybe get you off from Birth Island was only quickly thrown together to make it a bit more interesting. Since it will never make it into the actual game, there was not much concern put into polishing it up.
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wow ..

Between Rebus's post and Bobbity's I've posted some suggestions that will (in my view) definitely help with the improvement of the server and the marketing around it .. and they removed my post 😄

what the actual crap..

But i'm not mad, just disappointed

I wish you all the best with the project and I hope with time you will learn that you cannot just remove or silent people's opinion just because you don't like it.

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