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  • With the default control settings, I can't figure out if there's a hotkey to change which hotbar number I'm on. I'd rather not have to click it if I want to change it. It's also unclear as to whether shift is the only form of secondary hotbar, or if we can still use control for that as well. Does the shift hotbar have multiple different numbers as well, or is the one we get the only one?
  • With WASD movement, I'd personally like a movement mode where the player is always facing forward, or the direction of the camera. In this mode, W and S would always move forward and back, relative to the player camera, and A and D should always move left and right, perpendicular to the camera's direction, while the player always faces forward.
  • There doesn't appear to be a button, like with the legacy controls, to just hold to view the item labels on the ground. Unless I don't know what the current control is, I can only see the toggle option in the menu, to either always or never see item labels.
  • Please add an option to constrain the mouse cursor to the game window.
  • Tool tips for graphics options would be nice. Basically just a little tip when you hover over each graphic option, to briefly explain what the option does. Like smoothing, I'd like to know what that does.
  • I'd like to see a separate option for locking hotbar movement, and a different option that locks the skills, rather than having the lock option lock both movement and skill placement.
  • Please add an option to reset the hotbars to their default positions.
  • It would be nice to be able to change the position/size of the info box on the top left, and change the size of the bars over players' heads. My resolution puts the info all the way on the top left and I have to turn my head quite a bit to look at it. The mana bar above my character is also super small.
  • I'd appreciate if escape didn't close my inventory when I want to open the main menu. I like leaving my inventory open at all times.
  • It would be nice if there was a target mode that searched for targets in a small-ish radius around your cursor, rather than only directly what your cursor is hovering over, so targeting smaller targets would be easier. It would also be nice if it ran a ray trace from the player to the cursor, so it would detect things, perhaps in a small cone, from the player to the cursor, in case you aim past your target.
  • Please make items that aren't visible from the player's perspective/the player camera origin not display item labels.
  • Please sort item draw labels by distance to the player camera, so label placement actually makes sense. Item labels should also draw behind other objects if something is in the way, especially if item labels are always on.
  • Please add an option to remember password for logging in. I use a randomly generated password and I have to open a password manager every time I want to login to rose. It is somewhat annoying.
  • Please add an option to move the quest box around, and resize the text. It would be useful to be able to resize any of the ui elements on the screen.
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