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Mouse gestures / Chatwheel


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Hi, everybody. This is a proposal for a chatwheel function for common actions and text.


Another suggestion proposed integrated voice chat within an area which is very enabling. It got me to thinking of the obverse: those who are less abled and disenfranchised. What if you find it difficult to type text chat and you suffer from an affliction that makes talking difficult to impossible or produces near-unintelligible speech? 

Enter mouse gestures: a way to use the mouse interface for either a chatwheel of common sentences and phrases ('Summon Mana Flame here, please.' 'Be right back, resupplying in town.' 'Be right back, baby is crying.' 'Logging off, my wife is angry.' and so on) as well as an alternate way to perform common basic actions like  Pick Up, Trade, Party, Sit, Vending, emotes and so on. Players could pay for the convenience of adding custom functions like buffs, attack spells, grenades, landmines and such to the mouse gesture functionality. Events could also release additional emotes and chat phrases/voicelines for free or to purchase as part of battle passes.  Customizability!   Either a dedicated chatwheel interface a la Dota 2 or something more like the old MS Edge Mouse Gestures drag functionality. The mouse gesture technology is now relatively rich, diverse and mature at this point so there are many options to consider.


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