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Stockpile Revamp


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Soo, stockpile... It has worked, not worked, seen as unfair, removed, implemented and broken again.


Looking at the streams the whole drop system seems to have changed (for me, old ROSE player)

Now there are 6 "classes" with seperate droptables (i.e common drops, rare drops etc)

Would it be possible to trigger specific parts of the tables as part of the stockpile effect?

(i.e. Stockpile multiplies drops amount by 1.5 roundeddown, for common drops)

Further levels could influence chance of exclusive drop by 1% or something along that line?


Plain removal would make a bourg just not special anymore

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Personally I have no clue on what the outcome differences are from Irose to Narose. Have not played bourg on those. 

But in alpha the stockpile does a 25%increase currently? On all drop chances? Or just the common drops?

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