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Found 7 results

  1. Soo, stockpile... It has worked, not worked, seen as unfair, removed, implemented and broken again. Looking at the streams the whole drop system seems to have changed (for me, old ROSE player) Now there are 6 "classes" with seperate droptables (i.e common drops, rare drops etc) Would it be possible to trigger specific parts of the tables as part of the stockpile effect? (i.e. Stockpile multiplies drops amount by 1.5 roundeddown, for common drops) Further levels could influence chance of exclusive drop by 1% or something along that line? Plain removal would make a bourg just not special anymore
  2. Ed


    i'm currently playing on the longest running server of rose, so i suggest that please limit the gems drop to 1 and [1] so that their value wont diminish so much like a trash and can still be flexed as long as this game is alive.
  3. I was talking with my friends yesterday on discord about what we hated the most in rose online back in the days and it's the drop system based on level. You had to stay at a certain level to continue farming a specific monster. When you character was too high level, the monster/boss could no longer drop anything. It was the most annoying part of this game since you had to make many characters with different level range to farm certain area / Boss for legendary, crafting and refining items. And also it was so annoying to kill a boss and see no drop at all. Imo, the Experience Nullifier shouldn't be the solution to fix this problem. Why not change the drop system so you can keep farming and see drops from mobs no matter level you are? I can understand a level 220 shoudn't get as much drop than a low level character in the lower level area since they can 1 shot low level thrash mobs, but at least make the drops still possible to get at any level. What do you think about it? edit: I just saw in another topic a solution from the member Zeror i think is a very good one.
  4. Anyone who has played an Artisan will know that acquiring materials could often be frustrating. Not because of scarcity due to drop rate. But because often times a material you're looking for only drops from monsters in a certain level range, and if you were a high enough level, you were either stuck with buying those materials at very often ridiculous prices, or creating a separate character who stayed within a certain level range just to farm materials. I'd hope to see this changed if only so the same economic bottleneck doesn't appear and drive up prices. As far as how it could be done, there's probably more than a few approaches. The easiest of which I'd assume would be adding materials to the drop tables of monsters throughout the games level range. My hope is that between myself and other forum members, someone will have and ideal implementation method. Please feel free to share your thoughts.
  5. If I remember correctly, and as people confirmed on Discord, there are currently two party distribution systems: - Default: whoever picks up an item gets to keep it. - Equal share: Every time an item is picked, it is given to a player in the party on a rotation. I would like to propose a simple third option "Random distribution" which randomly distributes it by RNG. This would be an ideal way to farm elite monsters and boss drops in my opinion, as "Default" gives an advantage to people who play melee and are close to the drop, while "Equal share" is a turn based system that can be easily predicted and exploited. Pros of an RNG loot system: Fair way of letting the RNG gods choose loot distribution which can't be influenced by players Tested and proven in many other MMOs Party leads still have the option to choose one of the classic two methods above if they don't like the third option Cons: Delays go-live of the game Since this is a "nice to have" option, and Rose did fine without it for years, I do not expect this to be implemented before launch/beta unless it could be done quickly. It would be a valuable addition post-launch as well.
  6. since cp still drop from mobs outside the clan field. so in order not to waste such a good map why not have mats that are needed to upgrade clan grade only drop in the clanfield. and remove the lvl cap to enter
  7. Maybe some of these have been suggested. Not going through pages to look............... Copied from discord couple of my thoughts for some of the game: -drops: they need to adjust all the %'s for each tier to undo the P2W aspect. Which then you can eliminate those gems for drops. All mats should be in both the valor/honor shop and drop from mobs. The drops should correspond to whatever is needed for crafting gear for that range. And some overlap would be needed from map to map and world to world. -refine: get rid of the % of chance to level up the gear (just like Owls suggestion). Max the top refine lvl to 9 and just up the %'s for each lvl of the refine. Leave the 4 slots for refine materials. As the level goes up you need a certain amount of a mat. Ex: lvl 10 gear need a bind, 10 irons and 5 pink powders. Refine lvl 9 need a bind, 30 irons, 25 low essence, 10 maple woods, 50 pink powders.. Something along those lines. -crafting: get rid of the % of chance. Make it similar to refining. You need specific amounts of mats to craft what gear you want. Then the only real chance is what stats (based on char Sen) you get and the durability/accuracy (based on char Con) of the item when crafted. --getting rid of all the % of chance would basically eliminate the P2W stuff that WP had ingame. Hairy Infant — Today at 10:23 PM leave it RNG otherwise server economy will die out cause everyone will have max items and wont have to spend as much i get RNG sucks but its in the game for a reason and legit every other game out there (edited) MagicianTrent (Osiris) — Today at 10:29 PM The economy wouldn't be hurt. Cause now you need the mats that drop for refining and crafting. You are also able to get them by doing quests/dungeons/pvp or from PvM. Players will have Max gear either way you go. Eliminating the % chance is better game play IMO. Farming for mats over and over just to see it fail isn't good game play. [10:34 PM] And some of the lower level gears you could buy certain materials (like iron, maple wood) from an NPC. so it would be some type of zulie sink also (edited) [10:36 PM] You could also make each jobs gear use different mats for like the 2nd and/or 3rd slot
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