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Equipment Slot Naming Consistency


Equipment Slot Naming  

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  1. 1. What would you prefer the equipment slots to be named like?

    • Keep it the same as it always was
    • Use a consistent pattern
    • I literally do not care

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Currently, there are slots referring to the body part you're trying to equip (e.g. Body) and others, which refer to the item to be equipped (e.g. Earring). And then, there is "Foot".


The most generic way for a consistent pattern would be to describe the body part to be slotted:


Then, I would equip:

  • a ring to my finger
  • a necklace to my neck
  • an earring to my ear
  • a mask on my face
  • a weapon to my mainhand
  • gloves or bracers to my arms
  • a helm, cap, hat, bandana, hood etc. to my head
  • an armor, dress etc. to my body
  • boots, shoes, sandals etc. on my feet
  • wings, a cape, a shield etc. to my back
  • a subweapon, shield, second weapon etc. to my offhand


I already know, that "Finger", "Neck" and "Ear" are somewhat controversial, but I am curious what the public thinks about this. Is it preferable to stick with the slot names we all know or to have a consistent naming pattern?

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Consistently can also come from what to equip. And would be more newbie friendly that way. Weapon in example is pretty clear on what goes there.

Foot would then be shoe.

Arms would be glove

Back could be wings/pack/shield or need to call it back gear or something.

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Kept thinking what to put in for arms...
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