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Cleric Sub-tree/Mastery: Summon ???


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At this time, clerics have the ability to summon phantom swords, earth elementals, ice dragons, flame dragons, salamander flames, mana flames and bonfires. Others have suggested giving these summons appropriate abilities (slows, damage over time, taunts etc.), and I echo those suggestions. I believe those calls have even found a warm reception.

In addition to these though, I'd like to distinguish clerics (and their muse prototypes) from other classes in giving them something for free: a free spirit sword.

Yes, that's right. On completing the Muse job quest, I'd like muses to gain a free pre-learned skill called Summon Spirit Sword/Phantom Sword. This removes the floating sword summon from the summon skill tree. The summon could even have its own sub-tree with skills like sharing damage received by the caster, chance to counterattack with a critical attack, an aura that increases accuracy and critical attack damage,  and so on.

The sword can grow in strength and ability over time if nourished by the muse/cleric with kills and/or devotion to the muse's god.



- Streamlines the damage-dealing component of leveling for muses, so no choice is forced upon them between support and dealing SOME damage. 

- Gives clerics something to build on in the lategame/endgame.



Problems with this:

- Why should Muses get free stuff? Do they just suck? I don't understand the favoritism here!? Is your daughter a muse? Is this nepotism?

- Forces clerics to have faith in a god. Previously, Faith was simply the result of a series of quests and has little to no impact on the game. However, involving an almost never-before-used concept into the redesign of a controversial class seems interesting. Let's see where we can go with this with enough thought and feedback. 

- Implementation of Faith from early-game on will need more (good quality) questlines

- Other stuff I can't think of right now.


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