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A Little Trip Down Memory Lane


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 We are all looking forward to making new memories when ROSE reopens but sometimes it's nice to also look back and remember too.  So here are just a few of my many NA screenshots.

1- OT before the level restriction.  We had friends from titan who were also playing at NA and one of them took us to OT to help us level by doing some quest. It did not go well lol.  I found out much later that it was a bug that we were able to do that quest at all.  😧

2- Everyone's favorite- Choropy Mount

3- Graduation Day - man that quest was tough at lower levels lol

4- Somehow I always ended up in some weird place - this time it was in a tree

5- The good old days when you could have a full group and not get disconnected.  I spent a lot of time like this, buffing multiple parties at Kenji or on Luna

6- Proudly chillin in Junon with Deku Masks and Bulldog mounts- loved both of those so much!

7- Saying a tearful farewell to Draconis  😢

8- The aftermath of the server merge.  It was possible to have toons on both Leonis and Draconis with the same names but obviously after the merge only one could keep the name so you had to do a name change on one if there were duplicates.  Took awhile to sort that out

9- Look across the street in this ss.  Remember those Premium Shop guys?  They went on a permanent "vacation" when the dupers started taking over the game.  They would still sometimes appear right after a maintenance and people would rush to use their Premium Points before the NPC's were poofed again.  

10- Camping out in Sunshine Coast during the Summer Festival, endlessly repeating the Scavenger Hunt in the hopes of getting a Summer Backpack

11- Who could forget those Reindeer Mounts and the quest in Goblin Cave to get them

12- And finally the last minutes of NA 😭  I remember just staring at the screen for some time, still not believing it had actually happened


It was sure a fun ride.  Looking forward to the next chapter of this wonderful game


OT before lvl restriction.jpg



in a tree.jpg


bulldog and deku.jpg

bye draconis.jpg

two servers.jpg

after merge.jpg

premium shop.jpg

summer festival.jpg

christmas  2018 1.jpg

the end 1.jpg

the end 2.jpg

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In the crawfy picture the top bar is misaligned to the right and the picture below that is misaligned to the left by what appears to be one or two pixels. Rest of the pictures are good. Always nice to have a trip down memory lane. I'm bummed I didn't keep any screenshots at all over the years.

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I played Rose Online for about for about 7 years starting with iRose and then NArose.  Of course, I was there on the day iRose shut down and that is where I started out so tit was sad.  I played NArose beta and then the regular game while it was subscription and then later F2P with an item mall.  The item mall IMO wrecked the game cause players could just buy their way to level up etc. rather than enjoy and grind up.  I met my wife Naughty and got to know her playing Rose.  She immigrated to the US in 2011 and we did continue to play a while after that but we got busy with life and F/T jobs so eventually stopped playing.  The development of NArose seemed to stall too, and that didn't help.  I wanted to see more planets etc.  I read a couple years ago that NArose closed down but just randomly did a check today and it looks like a legit Rose Online is being worked on.  I may have some screen shots stored on a stick drive somewhere, if I can find them I'll try to remember to post. 

Pretty cool!  Cheers.

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