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Mythic Weapons [Idea]: Community Contribution Thread

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  1. 1. What do you like the sound of:

    • Less than 5 weeks to get to Precursor
    • 5-7 weeks to get to Precursor
    • 8+ Weeks to reach Precursor
    • Quest Items/requirements should require Dungeons
    • Quest Items/requirements should require PvP/Arena
    • Quest Items/requirements should require crafting/trading/economy
    • Quest Items/requirements should require open-world kings/bosses
    • One free reset a week w/ oopsie button is too frequent
    • One free reset a week w/ oopsie button isn't enough
    • One free reset a week w/ oopsie button is just right
    • 1% All-stat Defense/Offense a week is too fast
    • 1% All-stat Defense/Offense a week is too slow
    • 1% All-stat Defense/Offense a week is just fine

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Mythic Weapon System

I've seen what seems to be a now notable increase in player boredom, and a sense of lacking content or progression goals cropping up lately. Something that shouldn't be too little known is I was a proponent for Paradigm Runes system in NA (That doesn't mean I liked how they turned out mind you). I've mentioned it before, but they provided a long-term progression system that I see many people who participated in it; now missing it. Even players who never experienced it are voicing concern about activities to keep them busy. So, I started from a point of redesigning Runes into something everyone likes more than sparkly gemstones, Weapons.

Goals I'd like the system to be designed to achieve:
1: Long term goal item
2: Something to provide a weekly and/or daily task
3: Unique visual collectable
4: Flexible Weapon to fit custom builds, you chose the stats you want.

Below is a rough draft of what I'd envisioned the outline of the system to look like.

"Upon getting max level, visit a class tutor/lore NPC to pick up bread crumb quest.
Learn about a fabled weapon from history, lost to time along with the forging instructions."

Step 1: Track down rumors/documents/lore on a weapon from various parts of the world[s] associated with said weapon.
This quest would lead you on a narrative journey providing backstory and exposition on a little-known figure in the far away past, where you visit sites and try to collect knowledge on the weapon. Throughout the quest, you will be given a sub-quest to acquire the base resources to craft a weapon. This weapon is known as your Draft weapon.

Step 2: Craft a draft weapon
Draft Weapon: +0
Mainstat 1: 1x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 1x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 2 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 2 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 10 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 10 Tier

As shown above, the weapon initially starts out, not so good. Hardstats only to the level of a max tier sub-stat roll, and sub-stats from tier one. However, you'll hopefully notice a new set of stat lines. I refer to these as "rune stats" purely for design purpose, as they'd borrow the same stat-values of runestones from those upgrade tiers. I'd prefer they be known as something else, perhaps you can give me ideas what these mythic weapon specific stats could be called.

Step 3: Learn about Mana-Tempering process.
A brief narrative exposition on the basics of weapon production that lead into a time-gated quest. Once you pick up the quest, a timer will start to count down 1 weeks IRL time. You will also be given a list of various items you'll need to collect. Once the timer has elapsed, returning with the Draft weapon, materials for the quest, and your weapon would be upgraded to a Tempered Weapon tier.
Tempered Weapon: +4
Mainstat 1: 2x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 2x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 4 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 4 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 20 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 20 Tier

You'll see that the difference between a Tempered and Draft weapon is approximately 1 tier on substats for hardstat total. Tier 4 sub-stats, and "rune stats" increase to tier 20 or 2/10'ths the old systems progression values.

Step 4: Learn about Mana-normalization. Similar to Mana Tempering, starting this quest begins a timer counting down 1 weeks IRL time again, however this time in addition to materials that you'll need to collect, you'll be given a list of tasks to achieve, possibly killing certain overworld bosses, completing a specific number of game modes, etc. Open to creativity here, while also open to keeping it more "grind" focused. Like before, returning after the timer has zeroed out, with your materials and/or tasks complete would reward you a Normalized Weapon.
Normalized Weapon: +8
Mainstat 1: 3x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 3x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 6 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 6 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 40 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 40 Tier

Step 5: Learn about Honing weapon, stat customization unlocked.
Now that you have forged a draft weapon, tempered it and normalized it, it's time to hone it. Similar to honing an edge, the goal to completing this step should be several forms of activity. Once you've completed the activity [time gated 1 week] return to the NPC to proceed.
The goal of the honing process is not for the weapon, but for the wielder in this instance. You'll be sent to an NPC to learn about "Mystic Honing". A fancy title for an extremely simple concept: you can now customize the stats on the weapon. Up until this point, each weapon would have a predetermined set of stats. Now that you're ready to hone your skills with this weapon, using "Mystic Honing" will allow you to set the stats you want. You will also be upgraded to your Honed tier weapon.
Honed Weapon: +12
Mainstat 1: 4x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 4x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 8 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 8 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 60 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 60 Tier

Step 6: Honing phase 2: Precursor
Immediately after achieving your honed weapon, you will be given instructions that further honing could produce remarkable results, perhaps opening the way to craft your very own mythic weapon. As this is now entering uncharted territory, the instructions aren't as clear. Perhaps you could find more clues on how to progress your honing?

Criteria: Unknown.
Criteria: Achieved rewards Precursor Weapon tier.

Precursor Weapon: +16
Mainstat 1: 4x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 4x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 10 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 10 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 80 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 80 Tier

The intent behind this is for the developers to get creative, and not spoil how this next step is achieved. It will be up to the players to initially discover the process behind these mysterious upgrades. One thing is certain, discovering the secret to this definitely opens up something: a socket! However, this socket is unique, as it does NOT over-ride your tertiary stat lines. Truly a powerful advantage.

Step 7: Ascending weapon
You've entered the realm of legends now. You've crafted, tempered, normalized, honed, and further enhanced a weapon that itself encroaches on the realms of the deities. Rejoice, for this is truly a remarkable achievement.
Ascended Weapon: +20
Mainstat 1: 5x max-tier sub
Mainstat 2: 5x max-tier sub
Tertiary 1: Tier 12 sub
Tertiary 2: Tier 12 sub
RuneStat 1: Grade 100 Tier
Runestat 2: Grade 100 Tier

As you can see, the final version of the weapon provides the end results of:
Five times the value of a Max-Tier sub-stat roll for two lines. Sub-stats of max tier quality for two lines that aren't over-ridden by the Gemstone slot. Max-tier "Runestats" for 2 lines. All of which are able to be picked by the player. and something else I've not yet mentioned, the weapon is guaranteed upgraded to max refine along the entire process. [refine materials are used as quest items along the way, the reward is removing the RNG of the upgrades, not bypassing the materials]. The final step, is the long game.

Step 8: Grind %'s to cap 20%-30%?
Each weapon having a max stat of 20-30% range, where 1 week = 1% upgrade to PvE and PvP percentages. Initially I wanted 1% to a SINGLE percentage, but 80 weeks low-end seemed.... excessive.

I do want to say, in my mind I'm internalizing that you can reset the custom stats for free once a week, with an "oopsie" bonus reset once per week, for a fee. [in-game currency]

So, that is the foundation upon which I present the community. I have attached polls to this thread to address so things that I made assumptions on, particularly are things like:

Time-scales. Part of this system is designed to combat a lack of feeling that you're not being rewarded in the long term, or you have nothing to achieve by participating in various activities in the game. I made the assumption that the system should take roughly 5~6 weeks to get to precursor step, depending on the decisions of the unknown steps, this could add another week or not; up to them in the end and I encourage them to go with their gut if this idea ever remotely is considered.
Another thing I didn't specify at all, is the quantity of the items needed at each step. I'll provide some ranges but if the ranges provided aren't what you want to see, leave a comment with that included as a part of it.
Lastly, just what do you guys think. Is this something that could motivate you to play the game? I don't want to pollute to many opinions by asking too many directed questions so I'll leave it all open to interpretation.

Lets chat.

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46 minutes ago, kaiserkiva said:

Can you explain this in simple terms? 

Time gated powerful weapon with customizable stats. 5-7 weeks of weekly goals including killing, content or farming to get the second to last step, 21-31weeks to finish maxing it via doing variety of tasks that you chose to do.

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