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Finally a feedback on Astarot Feather farm


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I myself I can now give a real feedback on it.

I started farm it with a bourg 250 all drop gems and all clan passive. My current farm time with that setup is the following :

White crystal: 81

White hearts :19

Hime : 53

Astarot Feather : 16

Liesent HG : 12

In same time there has been like 2h I got access to middle spot (Astarot king) which give me the following D1/2/3 :

D1 : 16

D2: 8

D3: 2

Those were farmed in 16h 41min ( time were split in 3 because I did like 4h 1st day/6h 2nd day and so on). In same time I got killed 8 times wipe by a lvl 160 cleric.

Second wave of farm was with a Lv. 220 champ with all gems drop and Rare drop clan skill.

White crystal: 16

White hearts :13

Hime : 28

Astarot Feather : 6

0h middle only side Astarot farm and been there for 8h (4h day 1, 4h day 2) on that time I got killed 4times.

Last wave of farm was with Bourg Lv. 160 that had all drop gems + rare and very rare clan skill. I got the following :


White crystal: 201

White hearts :6

Hime : 13

Astarot Feather : 7 ( one drop and got lucky to be 7ea on pick)

Liesent HG : 35

Legendary/Blue items : 18

0hours on middle spot only astarot side farm and been for 9h and got killed 7 times.

The total hours lost/spend was 33h 41min and the total gained was :


White crystal: 298

White hearts :38

Hime : 94

Astarot Feather : 29

Liesent HG : 47

Legendary/Blue items : 18

Now that we have a drop amount let's talk about is that worth yes or no? From my perspective NO is not worth because you can just do Dungeon and have more value over that feather and buy them in less time (29x7m/ea = 203m) that 203m worth almost 34h from your life? Right now I myself got time to farm but next month I start work so there will be like 1/2h playtime each day for me and I'm down to farm everyday 2h those feather but the question is by the time I got 100x feather and gain those 4xD8/5 crystals and craft those wings how powerful I will be? not that strong (with 46AP more then Doctor arm). So what we do need is an exactly drop rarity for those feathers (not speculations from people or websites) and a small adjust to the drop (at least for level 160 green mob) not gap level because right now I feel level 250 have just more luck on drop feather then level 160 and the farm is luck based not focus on one drop and get a drop at least 1 drop per hour.

Also the debuff need some adjust because why? Summons don't get debuff so 4 people ( 3max players and 1 level 160) can't even kill a phantom from a level 160 cleric. And that cleric phantom can wipe your party with 0 problems. While you as max level max geared char have 100% pvp reduce and also why pvm reduce? the debuff needed for pvp not pvm so while full valor gear you have -41% pvm reduced.

Everything is super super grindy way too grindy and I keep play because I love the nostalgia and how the game will and maybe become but there are tons of MMORPG were people can choose to play and not that grind. I will play and grind but that is my honest feedback on this and is late because I farmed something else by the time they release this update.


Thank you.

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3 hours ago, HilariousFace said:

I'm not into LCF business, so I don't know how the PvP/PvM offense/resistance % work. But I wouldn't want to farm in this place, my eyes are gonna hurt from long exposure of this kind of blue light. 😵

WAAAAY Offtopic 


In the same way milk isn't actually good for your bones, it was just the dairy industry saying this sort of thing to sell more milk. 

Blue light isn't inherently bad for you. There's only one study that claims this from Harvard, that seems as though it was probably paid off by some corporation in order to publish these results. I've not actually dug deep enough into this, but other studies since have shown no significant risk to our eyes from Blue Light. (In fact, there's another study from Harvard that expresses blue light is in fact, not bad for you. So, someone must of failed at cutting the second cheque to someone) 

The entire thing is a myth to sell you something. 

It is however an interesting thought; If you'll allow me to go absolutely insane for a second. Amun Ra is known as the "hidden one" - He's >blue<. Maybe there's something in this world that is hidden, that you need to be able to see blue light specifically to see? Is it that its hidden in a spectrum? Is it hidden in plain sight? Is there a message at all? Who knows.  
There's also a song known as "I'm blue" by Eiffle 65/ Where the aliens are depicted as blue. 
Avatar, a movie where there is space travel, and life on another planet with an entire race of planet of people that are Blue.  

Is this mind washing us to believe that blue light is bad, really something much bigger than we all realize? Who knows.
I am fairly certain that Blue Light isn't actually bad. What also seems to be true is that the Pope has some weird Characteristics that are similar to depictions of Amun Ra. (his hat, and staff) I also am well aware that I am absolutely bazonkers insane. But, its fun to go a little crazy sometimes I guess. 

Thnx MeNewbie for sharing those numbers with us. 

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On 12/3/2023 at 3:36 AM, Yamz said:

The requirements on obtaining this item is way too grindy compared to getting the phoenix which is the same tier with them. Hopefully they make adjustments on obtaining this.

Since forest ash can be obtained from SC why not make a game arena where the final boss is the astarot king which drops the required mats for FAW. The game revolves around being max level so having a Luna game arena dungeon at mid levels e.g. 130-160 will be good for the game. This will reduce grinding and monopoly of astarot feathers. Will likely be a popular dungeon. No more rushing to max level. Reduce the price of FAW. Another way of earning valor. I can’t think of a con for this.

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