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Anniversary Event Dec 13 - Jan 3


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This event was first added to the game in 2015, to celebrate 10 years of ROSE.  We did not have this event last December, but it's back now and we are celebrating our first year of service!

For those of us who have played ROSE for many years, this will be a bit like a trip down memory lane but with a twist.  
To get started, head to Adventurer's Plains and talk to [Visitor Guide] Arua's Fairy, located right outside of the spawn circle where you first entered the game.   Talk to her about this exciting celestial event until you get the quest called "A Wild Birth Island Appears"
a wild birth island.jpg

Talk to her a second time and choose option   1 and you will be teleported to Birth Island.
take me tobirth islan.jpg

Birth Island   is shaped like a star.  The fairy will teleport you to the right "arm" of the star, based on your level. 
birth island map.jpg

You'll see the usual monsters (Choropies and Jellybeans) BUT they will be scaled to your level.  It's quite shocking to see those starter monsters with red names at level 250.  Talk to the Fairy at the spawn area to get the event quest called "Rubber Duckin",  There are five parts to this questline. 

NOTE: All of these images are from the max level section of Birth Island.  They will be in similar locations in the other sections.

Rubber Duckin (1)
The Fairy tells you that she wants to prank the Scuba Moldies and she needs you to find their secret hideout. Run towards the center of the map to trigger the first drop. You do not have to go into the water to get it.





Rubber Duckin (2)
Return to the Fairy with your map of the secret hideout. Now the Fairy needs some ingredients so start killing Jellybeans until you get 10 Stale Mana Jams. This may take awhile.  Be sure to pick up any Rubber Duckies that drop from the mobs.  You can exchange them for some neat event items


Rubber Duckin (3)
When you finally have the 10 Stale Mana Jams, return to the Fairy. She gives you her Magical Metal Detector and asks you to find her Ancient Hammer. This works like the Inspection Kit from the Thanksgiving event quest, if you did the daily quest during that event.

Drag the item from consumables to your skill bar.
metal detector icon.jpg   metal detector description.jpg

 When you get a system message that the detector is beeping and there might be something nearby, keep walking around using the skill until you get the hammer and go back to the fairy

Here are the four general areas that I found the hammer.


These are in no particular order.
   hammer spot 2 map.jpg  hammer spot 3 map.jpg  hammer spot 4 map.jpg  hammer spot map old cropped.jpg

found ancient hammer.jpg


Rubber Duckin (4)
Return to the Fairy with the hammer. She asks for help to gather the final ingredient for this prank. This time you have to kill Choropies but luckily you only need 5 drops. Return to the Fairy for the final part and don't forget to pick up those Rubber Duckies.

Rubber Duckin (5)
Finally, it's time for the prank. The Fairy gives you a Magical Rubber Ducky. It looks the same as any normal Rubber Duckies you might have in consumables so be sure to use the right one.

Get the "Target Enemy" skill from the basic skill tab and drag it to your skill bar, along with the Magical Ducky then head to the middle of the map
prank spot map.jpg     magical rubber duckie.jpg   target enemy.jpg

 This time go into the water and wait for the Moldies if they are not already there. When they appear, first click on the Target Enemy skill then on the Magic Ducky. You will throw the ducky at the targeted Moldie and it seems that it succeeds every time. When you have pranked 8 Moldies, return to the fairy for the last time and claim your reward.

The Anniversary Set is banana type but because it's an event item, Jupiterunes are required to refine it. You can get Jupiterunes by disassembling other event items.  Btw, the costume hat is earrings on both genders.
anniversary costume.jpg

You're probably wondering what you can do with all of those Rubber Duckies that you collected while doing this event quest. Check in the spoiler below. 


fairy duckies revised cropped.jpg

Scuba Moldie Mount - 250 Rubber Duckies
scuba moldie mount 2.jpg

NOTE: The summon skill will instantly be added to your Item Mall 1 skill tab and once a character has this, the option to redeem duckies for the summon skill is removed from the dialog.
moldie summon.jpg

Scuba Moldie Summon Pet- 200 Rubber Duckies
scuba mmoldie summon.jpg

Anniversary Ring, Earring, Necklace-100 Rubber Duckies per piece
anniv ring.jpg


anniv earring.jpg

anniv necklace.jpg



Happy Anniversary, Roserians!!

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  • HoneyBuns changed the title to Anniversary Event
  • HoneyBuns changed the title to Anniversary Event Dec 13 - Jan 3
8 hours ago, Ghoster said:

The accessories are account locked? Not account locked on equip?

How many skill points does scuba moldie summon need?

The accessories are account bound when equipped.

The Scuba Moldie summon skill doesn't take any skill points to activate, That happens automatically when you buy it from the fairy. The skill will be in the Item Mall 1 ttab, not in the Unique tab.

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58 minutes ago, hallihagli said:

Where is the super Boss event ?

It was Announced In Game before it started, there was two maps used to make it a little less Laggy. 

1. Anima Lake

2. Forest of Wisdom

The rest of the Super Boss Events may be located in other maps so you will have to keep an eye out for In Game Announcements!

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44 minutes ago, charles said:

My char is low level and I have problem finding ancient hammer,   I  already been to exact coordinates  posted but no  luck. Please help  @HoneyBuns

Each arm of Birth Island is slightly different and those ss were from the max level section. Try walking slowly around the shoreline of the part of the island that you are on.  Keep the Metal Detector on your skill bar and watch the system chat for the message that the detector is beeping. Then check every inch of that area until you find it.

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13 minutes ago, jtclowner said:

Hey, you ended the event a day early!

What should I do with my saved ducks now?


That event is turned on manually and it got turned off with todays patch.  I think the plan is to turn it on again but remember, you can just save them for next year too

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7 minutes ago, HoneyBuns said:

Lazy just turned it on again.  Go back to character select if you are logged in and you should be able to go to Birth Island.


Wow! I will admit, I did not expect that. Thanks so much

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1 hour ago, GraveXin said:

Hi, what particular date and time (Eastern time) does birth island event end? 

Should end on Jan 3rd, ~7:00 PM Eastern Time. So in 23 hours 30 min from now.

Edited by Heatfist
Wrong info
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