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On 26/10/2023 at 19:49, DoubleRose said:

Até que a pontuação do pvp mude, eu recomendo não jogar como cavaleiro. Será um trabalho árduo conseguir um conjunto de honra. Não use luna, pois é um item pvm. Você quer joias de str exclusivas porque elas dão precisão e você só obtém pilhas de esgrima nos ataques que acerta.

I understand my friend, but I'm already building my knight in pvp, but I'm still full tank, which ring set would you recommend? arua, typhon? If you have another good one please tell me, if I use luna will I lose any attributes because it is pvm? thanks !!

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On 10/27/2023 at 6:49 AM, DoubleRose said:

Until pvp scoring changes I recommend against playing knight. It will be a complete slog to get an honor set. Don't use luna as it is a pvm item. You want the unique str jewelry because those give accuracy and you only get fencing stacks on attacks you land.

agree with this. its a pain in the ass earning honor points for knight not unless you'll go valor points then convert as knight is more effective in PVM.

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4 hours ago, chapado171 said:

uhm I understand, and for pvp would it be typhon, arua or lava? I intend to focus on maximum attack speed for the knight's passives, I'm unsure which ring set would be best to get a lot of damage and attack speed, if you can help me, thank you!!!!

Vagrant Accessory (Sen/Attack Power) is best for highest damage, Wanderering Accessory (Str/Accuracy) is best for accuracy and a little bit extra damage from the Str.

Alternative for damage are Hebarn/Aura Accessory. 

Your passive won’t work if you can’t land hits.

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