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Halloween Event Oct 13 – Nov 1


Halloween Event Oct 13 – Nov 1  

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  1. 1. Should the Halloween event be moved to somewhere else than Junon Polis?

    • YEEEESS!!!
    • No, I would like it to stay in Junon Polis!

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The Halloween event is Oct 13 – Nov 1 and the invasion Junon Polis is back, but I would like to start a discussion about this invasion. All I think about with this event is how annoying the invasion and I can't describe how annoying it must be for low levels to get killed by mobs at a spot like Junon Polis which should be a safe spot. Can't the invasion of the zombies and the kings be moved to a place as Desert of the Dead (?), where it fits with the theme and is not in the way of low levels and other players that just want to run free around Junon Polis without any problems. Yeah, DOD is a low-level map but there are also other places to level but there is only one Junon Polis. Of course, this is a discussion and I might be the only one that finds this as a problem but I know there have been suggestions about this before the shutdown.  So please vote for what you think. 

Thanks - Buffiies :SkillPray:

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For the event to work, even low-levels should have impact; things like manning the cannons mounted on the fortifications and so on. I doubt we could get anything like that going in the short amount of time remaining, so either make the invasion slightly safer, less burdensome or, failing that, move it to DoD/ random Junonian town. Let's keep brainstorming this.

EDIT: Maybe the invasion needs a precursor, a spy to open the backdoor, as it were? We could have players being approached by red robe NPCs, offering them EXP or something in return for disabling certain city protections. The quest could take the players around the entire circuit of major NPCs, many of whom would be suspicious of your actions. The quest would also be collaborative; when enough protections are disabled by the players, Hebarn invades!

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