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Hello, Im playing this ROSE for 3 or 4 month ago, and now im trying to got honor set in akram arena.
But, why are mage so strong?
Have more HP from mana shield, have more demage, have short coldown skills, have silent, have stun, have cold snap for long time.
I saw only 3-5 people can beat mage at akram arena, we can't win in 1v1 situation (other job)

Its Very very annoying and not balanced for other job, im borg user with 16k-17k HP, are mage can beat me with 2 or 3 skills.

I saw every game in Akram Arena for weeks ago mage always in top Class with more 20-40 kills per game. Waw, Its crazy man!

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On 8/10/2023 at 3:34 PM, GodOfEntity said:

You mean to tell me that... Magic Resistance is effective against Magic Damage!? 

Troll or genuine frustration? Idk but it wouldn't be the first time I seen a bourg QQ about mages. Maybe they didn't think of deviating from the build they think they are supposed to have? Pretty common.  

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1. The idea that mages are OP is a misconception. Mages aren't OP. Mages are fake. They're just the magic version of bourgs. In other words, they're trash undeserving of their name.

2. AA generally doesn't allow you to safely gear towards only countering one specific class. You leave yourself vulnerable to the other classes and your team doesn't pick up the slack. That's not due to lack of teamwork; it's because the game itself was never designed for PvP, so we mostly see players just casting whatever skills are off cooldown.  Flailing around like muppets. Remember, MMORPGs start off with the idea of 'sameness', they have class templates and you distinguish yourself with achievements and cosmetics, differentiate yourself with Unique skills and maybe your basic build. We know the truth, of course: all the builds are the same.

There's no distinctive difference between spell animations and sfx in terms of glance value. The casting mechanics are the same. The sound effects are overwhelmingly the same. Mage skills usually have a relatively short casting time, so there's no risk in casting spells since it's all fire-and-forget. There's no channeling mechanic, no arrays or formations. The only guard skill in the game is Mana Shield; everything else is just a remix of the basic buffs. The game's not diverse enough to set up meaningful strat.

3. Imagine if you had ONE person on your team whose sole job was to take out mages. Maybe a raider, maybe an arti with a highly developed Sniping skill thanks to maxing out a questline or from building a super sniper rifle; either way you'd need a dedicated magekiller, an anti-raider and a bourg-killer.  Yeah. We don't have that.


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