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💎Gem Crafting Material Issues💎


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I wanted to make this thread to have some discussion materials for crafting gems grade 8-10.

Many features that were implemented in the last couple years when Genesis was lead developer of NaRose were left unfinished and were implemented in a way to incentivise item mall sales.  

The grade 10 gem update got implemented in patch 655 in February 2018 and like most updates in that time period never got adjusted since. 


5 types of materials were added in that update:

  • Small Glistening Orbs

Very Rare Tier

7 different colors. Drops from level 200+ mobs including in dungeons

  • Prismatic Dust

Epic Tier

Drops from level 200+ leader type mobs (bronze star) or higher

  • Large Glistening Orbs

Legendary Tier 

7 different colors. Drops from level 200+ leader type mobs (bronze star) or higher

  • Prismatic Fiber

Legendary Tier

Drops from Wandering Bosses in Orlo or Dungeon Bosses (a drop on the ground NOT a reward)

  • Prismatic Lattice 

Legendary Tier

Drops from Wandering Bosses in Orlo or Dungeon Bosses (a drop on the ground NOT a reward)


  • These items all still have a yellow name when they're some of the rarest items that drop in game. Small Orbs should have a blue name and the rest should have a purple name.


Now these drops are very rare and you need many of them for gem crafting,not to mention the rate of failing is quite high and you can lose some or all of the materials. In Narose though there were tons of item mall items that could help increase the rate of farming them.

  • Medal of Fortune/Sigil of Brilliance (2-3x drop rate)
  • Medal of Retrieval (no reduction in drops for lower level mobs)
  • Medal of Abundance (Extra drop quantity (same principal as a dolomite asscher))
  • Epic Drop tier Medal
  • Legendary drop tier Medal
  • Lucky spin costumes that gave extra drop rate 
  • The cute cat/dog/cow/dragon costume that gave extra drop rate specifically to Legendary and Epic Tier drops
  • Premium Account that gave an extra (25%?) Drop rate 


None of these exist anymore.


The only thing that's still around are the drop rate gems and the ever so  flawed clan passives. The clan passives do increase rates by a noticeable amount but we know the clan point system needs work also.


Something else I noticed after looking back at the old warpportal forums. It looks like Prismatic Fiber and Lattice used to also be a possible Dungeon Reward back then too. 

Some reference:

Patch 655

A post I made with feedback on drops

A post about where to obtain Fiber and lattice


Prismatic Fiber and Lattice aren't Dungeon rewards anymore. Im wondering if they were removed from the table as anaccident because it was thought that they were used for runes not gems. There were materials used for upgrading runes called Paradigmatic Ore /dust /cluster /essence /fragment /remnant. These were similarly named but different items; Im hoping this was an oversight.


Hopefully this thread sees some light, because this is one of the updates that should've been tweaked from NaRose.

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  • Phish_ changed the title to 💎Gem Crafting Material Issues💎

Hey Phish,

Thank you for making this post sharing your experience from back in the days. Your view and suggestions on these kind of topics is very valuable!

Your post really shows some of the current flaws with the drop system in general. Due to the removal of drop medals, costumes and premium boosts some of the drop rates are are extremely low. This is amplified when talking about items like prismatic fiber & lattice. These drop rates in combination with the low succes chance of items/gems concludes in unappealing and bad gameplay.

These kind of gameplay loops have been designed with P2W in mind which causes them to be abominable without boosters. Adjusting these kind of gameplay features will take time but I believe the devs we have now will bring this to a good end.

Kindest Regards

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