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User Friendly and Enjoyment

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Here's mine:

-pick up loots quickly not by pressing function key repetitively, either a pet/collector skill or smooth function keys just like roaming around the map using only arrow keys

-put up a marketplace NPC

-have daily quests at PVP, dungeons and low level maps to help as well new players

-events for low level players

-PVP map that does not need strong equips and maxed buffs

-quests from level 1 to max

-balance experience and drop rates 

-put up weekly tournaments

-no dual clients for fair play just like the original



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Thank you for so many suggestions @Ephesians4fourteen. Since they are all lumped into one post, it is very hard to work with. Could you please try to create a separate forum thread for each one and elaborate a bit more on the specfifics and why they should be added?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to reading them!

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