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  1. Here's mine: -pick up loots quickly not by pressing function key repetitively, either a pet/collector skill or smooth function keys just like roaming around the map using only arrow keys -put up a marketplace NPC -have daily quests at PVP, dungeons and low level maps to help as well new players -events for low level players -PVP map that does not need strong equips and maxed buffs -quests from level 1 to max -balance experience and drop rates -put up weekly tournaments -no dual clients for fair play just like the original
  2. Name: Raf Preferred name to call you: Sean Gender/country/age: Male/Philippines/26 When did you start playing Rose Online? Decades ago What brought you to Rose Online? Skill trees What do you like the most from Rose Online? Soundtracks What's your favorite class to play? (and why) Raider or Scout because speed determines the winner Share your favorite memories from Rose Online! Racing in dolphin islands Favorite monster: Moon child Things you hate the most in Rose: Low exp and drop rates Anything you want to say? Just wanna experience skill trees again
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