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[Guides] Quick Controller Guide.

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L1 and Right Joystick - Zoom
R1 and Right/Left DPAD - Changes Skill bar.  
DPAD Up/Down - Target Allies 
DPAD  Left Right -  Target Enemy. 
X - Attack targeted, or if nothing is targeted, Attacks Closest Target (it seems)
O - cancel, ends npc dialogue, deselects target
Square - Pickup Loot
Triangle - jump

Protip, Use deselect target, and proximity target to help with targeting. 

(This guide is a work in progress and may change according to developer updates) 

I'd like to thank @Zurn for his help with this Guide.
I'd like to thank @Garnet and @lazypenguin 
For their work on controller functionality for the game.

Other information about controller use that MAY be relevant to you. (PC ONLY) 


With a Duel Sense controller, I recommend getting DS4 Windows, available here; 
Duel Sense must be enabled in settings before the application will detect the controller. 

The unofficial discord server is; 
In case you need any support, they may help you. 

Other issues I ran into; 
You should disable Bluetooth and a couple Game Controller USB settings in Device Manager on any virtual machines if you are running them. 

I do not recommend using DSX on steam until version 3 is released. The current version is a buggy mess. However, there is hope that they may actually have a better haptic feedback system than DS4 Windows has. 


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