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PvP Changes Poll 1 of 2 (Raider/Knight/Champion)

PvP Stealth (Raider)/Taunt (Soldies) Changes  

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  1. 1. Should Raiders only be allowed one Stealth effect in PvP Arena Games?

  2. 2. Should Taunt recieve its own resistance category (similar to sleep effect)?

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Poll 1 of 2:

Raiders and 2 independent Stealth effects:

- 2 Stealth effects allow for offensive and defensive advantages

- 2 Stealth effects allow bypassing the Detect Stealth skills

- With only 1 stealth effect available, it would require the Player to decide whether to use it offensively or defensively instead

Soldier (Knight/Champion) and Taunt effect:

- Taunt has no diminishing returns which allow for full targeting interruption on a taunted character

- A resistance to Taunt similar to Sleep effects would reduce full Player targeting interruption

- Taunt resistance could be applied as a new Face Gem and Cape item in the future

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  • Heatfist changed the title to PvP Changes Poll 1 of 2 (Raider/Knight/Champion)

Linking the cooldowns is such a cop-out though. People immediately jump to cd sharing as the most obvious counter. Maybe let's think a bit bigger than that, please guys.  Maybe add some true sight skills and items that don't all use the exact same mechanic. Also differentiate Stealth and Cloaking a bit more so there's a bit more strat involved, like fade time, revealed on taking AOE damage in the first 2 seconds, moving in the first few seconds breaks the Cloaking effect... something. It's the sameness, the blunt application of ideas smeared with a cement trowel that's aggravating problems.

Taunt Resistance definitely has to happen though. I make somewhere between 40 to 90 honor every AA basically for free, just Taunting whoever needs Taunting so my team can cc+dps and send them to meet their god. No actual work done, no refined anything etc.

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On 6/12/2023 at 8:31 PM, Bobbity said:

moving in the first few seconds breaks the Cloaking effect...

If cloaking were to just be an invisibility on the spot just to drop targeting temporarily that becomes removed upon moving that would be fine. It would still be a decent defensive move to allow waiting for stealth cooldown or heals before planning an escape or next attack. The two would then be more independent from each other effect wise. Mobility stealth and stationary stealth.

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