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(Small) GA zulie entrance fee 


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As a way to combat inflation, how about a nominal entrance fee if you play a GA pvp or dungeon instance? 

My proposed amount is 25k per time and that amount is refunded if you are kicked or your game ends within 5 minutes of entering. If you were barely in there, you shouldn't have to pay.

This would take an almost unnoticeable amount of zulie away from the richest players while adding up in its impact.

The cost should be small though because GA game should be among the most profitable things a player can do given that it is gated by GA energy and other players. The zulie fee could be higher, but only if rewards or drops were also buffed. Do not buff the drop rate of blues in dungeons as these are a driver of inflation.

I've noticed there are always 8-15 games active when I que for COU, plus other dungeons and AAs are happening of course. Let's say there are 15 dungeons with 5 players each at any given time. That's 75 players x 25k = 1.87m. Assuming dungeon runs average to 20 minutes each, that's 5.61m an hour. Obviously some times of the day will be slower, but it could still mean about 100m a day.

Given the small size of the fee and that GA is quite profitable for players, their behavior likely won't be changed as a result of adding this feature. It'll just steadily skim some excess zulie from the top.

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