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Which npc can i buy offhand for muse after the ones in junon?

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On 2/3/2023 at 12:12 AM, HoneyBuns said:

For some reason, there are no magic tools or shields or back items available from NPC's other than what's in Junon Polis and a couple of things in Muris on Orlo planet.   Everything else is only available from crafting.  It's always been this way, even before the old official server closed.  


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I feel that this creates a market for dealers who are finally becoming artisans. I don't believe the server is in a healthy space right now to replace that market with NPC goods, given how quickly people want to get off Luna and make it to Eldeon for Xita quests. They'll do what is easiest and not what is best. We already have a problem with the limited endgame market for crafted goods, let's not make it worse.


EDIT: I've been thinking of a way to have my cake and eat it, as it were. Not only should there be a free market for player-crafted goods and services on Luna, but also NPC goods. However, we can't have NPCs compete with players, so I suggest each NPC offers a chain quest that will reward items in which they specialize. Pabel could give muse offhands, Pavrick the vodkasmith could give soldier/hawker offhands and backshields etc.

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