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What monster drops PRISMATIC FIBER?


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On 3/28/2023 at 11:55 AM, HoneyBuns said:

Unless this has changed, there is a chance of dropping Prismatic Fiber from level 200+ monsters and bosses, Wandering Orlo monsters, and Game Arena dungeon bosses.

there is no way they drop from ga arena bosses i already did a few hundred of them and i dont see any

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I run enough CoU to have farmed all of this: 
I have farmed 2 Poison Offensives, 4 Poison defense's. 7 or 8 Arachnid mounts. 

Point I'm getting at. - I have never looted a single PRISMATIC FIBER(that I can recall or find) from a CoU. So it's either not a CoU drop, or just, more rare than all of those things. (Which is possible that, I should be focused more on legendary drop rate, to help butter it out of the boss) 


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