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General Suggestion from a dude that's MMORPG Hungry


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Spoiler: I'm basing most of my thoughts here from WoW (Older expansions), so please don't hate. we all love mmorpgs after all. I love WoW but I love ROSE Online more, specially the memories!

I read a thread here about finding a way for Zulie Sink. 

- I'd say make End Tier items as Soulbound. Binds when picked up, so non-tradeable when picked up. This allows players to not think of zulies that much! Instead, they will think of raiding, boss hunting more than just farming gold.

- This idea requires a loot roll system of course, that many of mmorpg are using and we are familiar about. So players can greed or NEED it (only if it suits their class).

- So when is zulie valuable then? welp cosmetics! Cosmetics is the true end-game and that's not a joke. Who cares if you are strong when you all look the same as others. 

- This idea must come with a trade window though, it may not be tradeable to others but can be traded let's say 1 hour after picked up to those you were party members with, when killing the said mob. This helps when someone "accidentally" rolled for it and win. Ninja looters will always be there, you think of the sanction for that. 

- Zulies can also be used for Artisan crafted materials as well. I don't think Artisans should be able to craft end tier items is what I'm saying. they should only be able to craft pre-raid/pre-boss hunt items that allows players to kill a boss but maybe on a longer time. 
- Zulies would still be important in creating potions, ammos as well. 

my thoughts about refining: OLD school refining system sure sucks! It's P2W no doubt. An Idea that still came from WoW, it to make end-tier items just have the strong base stats that it always needed! No need to upgrade, but we can still refine at 100% rate! with rare-epic mats. 

Example, I have this excalibur purple grade sword! Is strong! No need to "upgrade", but I can "refine" Like add +300 atk power at a 100% chance success rate by using very rare mats!
it's basically just another GEM socket idea but another refine idea on top of it. 

Shop Ideas that can make the server keep running:
- cosmetics, they already know that.

- epic mounts, but please allow mount drops in-game please! just the basic-rare mounts. Please make all mount speed the same even if its from shop.
- Weapon cosmetics. I hope we can still transmog weapons though in game with normal weapons. it'd be cool if I can use my bokuto "wooden sword" on high end areas. Feels like I'm in anime! (Yes I'm a weeb!)
- I hope that the premium members get's like an "Arua" effect around them, like they'd be glowing some color representing them helping the server run. I hope there's no exaggerated stats. 
- I think premium should get, 10% discount on all purchase in shop for that month's subscription! A week before release allowed to buy some items, convenient items like auto-switch gear box or somethings (that's not broken right? since you can still do it manually from your inventory)
- (might be a bad idea) NPC pet that allows them to "Buy" consumables but not sell items to them. To prevent idle farming without going back to town to sell misc gears for zulies.
-  custom emotes and dances!
- custom afk emotes

Let me know your thoughts about this stuff I wrote. I'm in work while writing so maybe some typo are there but I just cant wait to get off work just to share my ideas. 

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On 4/12/2022 at 8:28 AM, RandomAblty said:

- So when is zulie valuable then? welp cosmetics! Cosmetics is the true end-game and that's not a joke. Who cares if you are strong when you all look the same as others. 

Strong disagree, cosmetics is more something for the item store to help fund the game in my opinion 😄

In general there's some good ideas here that are valid for many MMOs, but the post feels a bit too much like you're trying to turn Rose into a different game. I think suggestions should be a bit more subtle.

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