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2 New Skills for Clerics


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Sorry if it has been mentioned on another thread but i would like to suggest 2 skills that i think would be ideal for clerics and their survivability.

I would suggest a (cool down) skill for clerics which can be either for the clerics only or party as well, I know some of you might think that is ludicrous because it would be an advantage to clerics but it is not really as the skill should only increase cool down for about 1-2 seconds max which would make clerics an integral part in parties.

The other skill i would suggest would be an AoE with a sleep or stun effect to help if clerics are swarmed by a lot of mobs, I know lightning use to target a group of mobs not sure in which revision of Rose that would be and not sure if it is still in this Edition.

Just my idea of helping clerics out a bit more as I do not see the benefits of crit dmg and atk-spd for spellcasters unless you use your weapon without its skills which defeat the purpose of being a spell caster/healer in the first place.   

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