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Knight Reform


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Hello everyone I am ChristAngelo, if you noted and known my main character is a knight. But I think that the Sacrifice unique skill need to be put it only for PVM

Impact Wave it would be better if they implement to Stun instead of Taunt. Impact Wave 50% chance with Stun effect with 2 second. Also, that skill will be a real impact damage with a wave that is a AOE stun effect will perfectly in that skill to tribute his name of Impact Wave

The only one that will still with the status effect of Self AOE is the Sacrifice skill with the effect of taunt, but change it to a skill unique for PVM only and not to a PVP

Skill of Magic Shot of the crossbow Knight can implement a Frontal AOE Target effect with the still status effect of taunt to help more in the deal damage. The Knight of Crossbow will have with this suggestion: 2 Frontal AOE Target

Skill of Sword Force of the sword Knight can implement a Frontal AOE Target effect with still effect of taunt but with a 100% success instead of 70% success. The Knight of Sword will have with this suggestion: 5 damage AOE (1 with Frontal AOE Target and 4 with Self AOE)

Sacrifice only for PVM with an improvement of less cooldown like this: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 instead of 40, 35, 30, 25, 20 of cooldown. 

Also, the knight of crossbow needs to be better if they implemented in the Rain of Arrow for the crossbow knight the element of water effect with a status effect of attack speed down (like a 10% of attack speed down in max skill level without need of Strength and Charm because will be a default status effect)

PD: CharleX contribute to the ideas of Rain of Arrow into the status effect and also help me into the truth of the Knight Skills that I suggest with my ideas of Taunt Effects. Heatfist also help in Taunt Effect discussion. 

Made by ChristAngelo

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1 hour ago, Bobbity said:

Okay, why?

If you played any PvP you would know why. It's unplayable if enemy has 2 knights, they just spam Sacrifice on cooldown and you can't target anyone and it just turns the game into AOE meta. It's bad for the game, that's why.


Anyway I am sure they will change it.

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What about changing the matchmaking instead?


EDIT: Could also use a status resistance to Taunts mechanic like with sleeps. if you've been Taunted in the last t seconds you are highly resistant / immune to it. There are ways to work with this aside from changing the skill itself. You remind me of people who don't like running out of ammo so you want the game to not require ammo.

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Remove the taunt effect on players, leave it for monsters only.

Give knights a short aoe stun as a Honor shop PvP skill (could add it to an improved Impact Wave with stun instead of taunt, as mentioned by ChristAngelo). Could also do an improved magic arrow for crossbow to stun instead of taunt as Honor shop skill as well.




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Lol bro what's meaning of a knight if he dont want to tank and protect his team? Who will target you a knight if you dont taunt him? If removing taunt in pvp then pls remove aoe stun of mages and sleeping cloud of cleric/arti, aoe debuff of champ too. Removing all CC skills 😄.

P/S: and plus dont forget that sacrifice is almost useless against ranged/aoe classes and it can be purified easily by cleric.

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