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How to reset skills and stat points?


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4 hours ago, thiduex said:

As the tittle says, is the a way to do it? And how?

Press alt + k > item mall tab > skill/stat reset. For stat reset, you’ll have to remove all of your gear for the skill to work. 

If you have any unique skills that you received from a drop or purchased, DO NOT use the Unique Skill Reset because you will NOT receive the skill book back. You will have to repurchase the skill or get it as a drop again. 

Resetting regular skills will not effect unique skills. 

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40 minutes ago, Automaatt said:

Not working for me, I have removed all gear/pat.. Neither skill reset works.

Strange it should work when removing all equipped gear and pat. In most cases there is an error in the top part of your chat log. It should say what the issue is. Are you sure you are using the skill reset and not the unique skill reset? But skill should work without removing the equipments. 

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