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I am trying to get rose online to work on a Virtual Machine. For Vending usage and can monitor it while at work. The game launcher instantly closes.
Any one have a fix or a solution.image.png.97476810304d50f3d88b38a5802bd795.png

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After testing with VMWare Workstation, I can confirm that this application works. If you haven't gotten the VM to work yet, and you're using something else, Try VMWare.  I had to set it to 3 cores usage max (I was lagging on two cores, which is weird.) -- I have given it 16gb of usable ram. You probably don't need to use that much. I'm also running Windows 11 on my virtual machine.  
I did also set up the VM to use 3gb of RAM from my GPU. 
There are lots of videos on how to set up VMWare, I can link you to the tutorial video I used.



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I did try to setup shop in VMWare and it worked fine, seems lowest configuration (with lease lag would be)

  • Windows 10 (64 bits, latest updates) - note that updates will take a while with low core count 😉 
  • Minimal: 1 core, 4gb ram
  • GPU i used 1gb ram and it worked fine
  • in Windows "Appearance and Performance" settings chaged to "Adjust best peformance"
  • Install VMWARE TOOLS (will make mouse and other things much more fluid inside VM)
  • change game options to Minimal range, no gloom/smoothing/anti aliasing, optimized for performance, disable rendering when window is not active

Result is about 600mb ram usage and 33% of cpu (in busy Junon location near Crune)





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