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Hello everyone, 

I’ve been consistently hearing from people that they’d like a Wiki for this version of ROSE. So let’s make it happen! 

I was able to recently adopt the Wiki page from Fandom and have since made my own on Notion. There are currently 3 of us who have been contributing to the Fandom page so far and that’s @Sparxzilla, Reinjii, and myself. I have also recently been focusing my time more on Notion, but do plan on duplicating some pages over to Fandom to help continue its growth. 

If you would like to assist in contributing, it’s easy! Just make an account on Fandom and start editing/adding some pages. Be sure to give proper credit of others work if you use them. I do receive an email of every change made and plan to keep it disaster free.

If you’d like to use Notion instead, you’ll have to send me a message so I can add you as a member. There are no ads and it’s much more simple to use than Fandom, in my opinion. 

Just so everyone is tracking, I have no list of databases/tables involving anything in game. We’ll all have to contribute to the wiki as players, together. 

Feel free to continue visiting the sites periodically to see updates! I work on it whenever I have free time. 

Thank you all! 

Fandom Website

You are not required to make an account for either site to simply read the wiki. If you come across a page that asks you to, please let me know. 

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this is a great topic here. I was just about to create one asking about a wiki type of website (or maybe even integrated in the official website) for this version of Rose. I played that game back in probably 2009, maybe earlier. At the moment it hardly has anything in common with back in these days. Drop tables and Craft tables - All of that would be of great use for everyone.

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I've used wiki(a)s before, but I'm learning as I go with this because I'd like to help. I updated a few things before realizing the itembox the Fandom currently uses isn't very mobile friendly and honestly just needed an update. The top template is mine, and the bottom is the original style. There are pre-built in things there, like code to link to the type, stubs, heal over time/mana over time, and the original template doesn't really show me where I should insert that in a new template. It just appears when I use that field. So I'm not sure if someone else can take a look and maybe adjust that template and see where I was going with it. My other question is, how/where do we find images easily? I'm assuming it's something with the 3ddata folder, but I don't know where to begin with that. Thanks for having multiple wikis in the works!


Edit: I asked for some assistance on the fandom discord, and the issue wasn't so much the template for the itembox as it was the category format usage I was trying to use was outdated. The site itself lets you edit the categories, but even if items are categorized right now they need manual sorting. It's pretty easy if you go to All Pages -> and look at a page, and then Edit Source, type this at the top of the page to sort the item to a category if the button doesn't work. This example would put the item into Refining Material and sort it at the number 2. You can edit the 2 to the letter, however you want.

[[Category:Refining Material|2]]





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Hello everyone,

A little update: I've deleted the Notion wiki and have transferred everything on there to the fandom site. This is best as it was only me updating it and not many were using anyway. Since this post was created, we've had @Luckystriike @Scarlingand Luc join us. I also PM'd another member who has been editing/modifying a bit to see if they'd also like to join. This will surely speed up some progress, however, we are still looking for more contributors or even people who can verify information. This is also at your own pace, so do not feel pressured into doing anything. 


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