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Keep the leveling rate / experience similar to the old version


Should the leveling experience stay similar to   

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  1. 1. How should the leveling journey feel compared to the old version?

    • The same as before
    • Somewhere inbetween
    • Fast road to max level

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Hi all,

I have often heard the devs say that they don't want to make it a super long journey to max level and want to help people as much as possible. In a way, yes, it's probably demotivating for people to restart from scratch and have a slow journey back to max level. However, personally, I think this slower leveling experience is one of the core principles of what makes Rose so unique.

Nowadays in MMOs you rush to max level in 2-3 weeks, and then it's all about running dungeons/raids or farming up for BiS gear. All the gear you farm before max level is basically trash loot that you won't wear for more than a few hours or a day and you sell it back to NPCs, and features like mounts are something you get after an hour of gameplay instead of something to work towards for a few days or weeks. Although some people enjoy this, I personally miss the oldschool feeling from games like Rose and WoW classic where getting to max level was a journey with lots of rewards and progression along the way.

Rose does this really well, you get carts at level 50, you get a 2nd job after that, then you unlock a new world, another new world after that, every few levels you switch to a new area or mobs to get better exp and so on. And during all this, you constantly get rewarded with better gear and cool items like wings that are level locked.

"Do I buy little angel wings at level 90 or save up my Zuly for large angel wings at level 120? The large ones look so cool, I can't wait to get to 120 asap!"

I haven't felt this kind of experience anymore since quiting Rose Online 10 years ago, and this is one of the main reasons I'm excited about a relaunch. So please, don't change the experience too much from what it used to be.


  • By sticking with the original experience, it's more likely to feel like the old game and attract the old player base
  • Sets Rose apart from private servers and other newer games which do exactly the opposite


  • Some people will quit for not reaching max level fast enough





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Interesting piece Sui however what the devs want to accomplish to make the game viable for newer generations as well to give it longevity because if the focus was to get the old guard back then it will die a quick painless death. The game isn't really trying to get to endgame as quickly as possible because each player look for different things i a game some will go for endgame content some will focus on lore of the game and some will just want the social experience the game has to offer and its laid back approach. 

The margins are quite fine with each of these as you wont be able to satisfy every single player on what is added or removed, as of now i am between minds of returning and playing the game or move on and hold on to the nostalgia from yesteryear. The longer the devs take with the official release of the game the more people will move on and i think they are starting to realize that the longer they wait, trying to release the perfect game upon release is next to impossible but rushing it will also be wrong.

I have said it before i want to play the Rose Rednim Games is releasing and not a rehashed pserver continuation.

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I also wish the game finds a new breath with longevity but I hope that we can find ways to reach this without changing some of the old things that hit the right spot for a lot of oldschool players, e.g. like the leveling experience for myself. But I know I'm just one opinion out of many and I'm not here to force my opinion on anyone. If I've managed to at least make a dev think about it before deciding then that's already enough for me 🙂

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Its a hard balance, I like the idea that getting into max level should be something really special - It should take time and not everyone should be able to do it if you doesn't put a lot of effort.

Tho.. getting into max level shouldn't just be to spend hours after hours after hours grinding monsters. 
There needs to be much more quests, missions, events, bosses, dungeons which is easy to find and that follows up nice, so you doesn't end up just grinding and grinding monsters for exp, this will make new players quit. 

Also, with the potentioal cleric changes, how will the level progression goes if you play weird times and doesn't find party members.. if you are on your own, will it takes forever to kill monsters? 

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I would also love the slower route with better rewards at the end of the main quest because it can be a long tedious grind and if level progression is quickly then it will leave you with incomplete quests and the work around is partying with others who have the same quest but sometimes solo play is essential as well. I am not sure if the main quest has been updated to go beyond Est in Luna will have to find out from the Devs in regards to the updates.

Also would love to get feedback on updates implemented on the forum to see what was tinkered with and how. 

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