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Two-Tone Haircolors


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On 2/22/2022 at 5:07 AM, OwlchemistVile said:

It doesn't require blender at all, you can do it in Paint.NET, it's just a DDS image. But what I'm saying is it'd be easier / more QoL in the future if you could have effectively 2 color channel textures instead of 1 with a transparency or metallic using the alpha channel. 

you can do it anywhere, all 3d software

blender is just one example of the software which I like most for character rendering

so if you use/like blender, the software, you need it. 

i'm saying this with the idea of hair as '3d mold'. 


But if you are talking about another features to 'colorize/shade' the hair regardless the mold, then it's another thing that might be great to be added in game

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I'd advise being wary of voicing despair over how someone choses to look (I give you permission to insult my looks, I personally don't care) Even if I don't like every player-creation I see, but I don't deny everyone else the options said "offender" used to create it. You'd be throwing the baby out with the bath-water at that point.

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