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Implement Season or Battlepass


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Just now, PatotoPotato said:

Item mall items are nice but not everyone is finds it worth the price for one item. So, maybe the team could come up something with a pass? play more and level more to get skins

Forgot to mention passes needs to be paid as well to support the team

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A battle / seasonal pass for ROSE sounds interesting, I’ve got to give you that. I’d make a base of free stuff, and then add some other premium items for the paid pass. I doubt that’s easy to combine with a premium feature though. I guess it depends what the devs want in the end. Remember, they aren’t a big dev team, and with something like this, they /have/ to produce something new once every 3 months, such as an item set, and maybe some other cosmetics. So I’d imagine it could force some pressure. But who knows, maybe they’re up for it!

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I like battle-passes in games. 
But for me, to spend real money on a game - it really has to be something special. 
I enjoy battle-passes where you have to login to the game everyday to reach the special item/reward in the end of the month of the last day. (Of course if you can't login one day - the process will just be delayed) 
And battle-passes when you need to do some things to earn progress, example include the starting zones to make people return. 

Some things that attracts me:

Time-limited skins 
-Skins that is just on sale for a period of time - then won't be able to buy again - for me this higher the value.
For example skins at the release of the game, the first week - that won't come back ever again.

Items that give benefits in the game, which isn't pay2win.
-A pet that pick up your stuff.
-Higher slots in your inventory. 
-Dye-items that change the dye of your armor weapon to make it unique. 

Really awesome good looking skins overall. 
-I prefer fewer but better looking skins in a item-mall, rather than skins every week that are nothing special. 


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