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Change the name "Melee Attack Power" to "Auto Attack Power" or "Normal Attack Power"


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'Melee Attack Power' implies it's only for, well, melee attacks, none ranged attacks.

But that's not the case, it's for normal attacks, that's why Cleric has a passive that gives this. 

The stat name both confusing and misleading.


While we're at it also change this passives description from 'melee hit' to 'normal hit' or 'auto attack hit'.

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I submitted the idea for this skill and intended to be worded as normal attack as that would be less confusing, but that's not what the devs went with. I also don't think (?) it's on hit, it's when you launch an attack.

Also wanted it to be that normal attacks would power up your next spell attack instead of it giving spell power, and then a spell attack would strengthen your next few autos. That way a cleric who weaved between normal attacks and spells would get off the most damage.


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