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Leveling: Faster | Slower | Other?


Leveling: Faster | Slower | Other?  

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  1. 1. If you could level faster, would you?

    • Yes I would level Faster if given the chance
    • No I like to take it slower or at my own pace
    • No and I think other people shouldn't have faster options
    • Polls are for nerds

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Keep levels 1-220 the same. The early maps are so cool/nostalgic and I enjoy not blazing through them. Luna and Eldeon are fun. Exp is high when you make the jump from Eldeon to Orlo, and then it starts falling off and getting a bit tedious. 220 onward could be about 20% faster. The end levels aren't as fun because most of Orlo doesn't look that good and you've gotten the skills you wanted by then.

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13 minutes ago, Kotence said:

dude you spend more then 60h of play time for server that exist  less then 7 days...

Yes, and people have to nerve to tell me that it's going "too fast". Just because you see a number higher than you might be comfortable, doesn't mean it didn't take work to do. There are people way above me due to party leveling, but they too are grinding hard.

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