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item mall reset skill..job and stats


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19 hours ago, Avatar said:

It was said to be included for the remainder of Early Acess with a potential of adding a cooldown for actual release. 

Personally, I hope it'll be a permanent addition for new players. Maybe have it removed once you reach lvl 80 or so?

I never played ROSE extensively when it was first around, so I'm happily using the skills to experiment with builds.

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reset stats is fine imo it can stay permenent but that reset skill is way too much...Ppl exploide it so much and it fuc ks up economic alot.Ok i know everyone can make mistake and get wrong skills but let everyone have X amout of resets for skills (2-3 or so) and one more at lvl 100 when you change your class to be add to others.Ppl resets skill points every 5 min.Every dealer can craft ithems.Very unfair.Market is full of ppl selling wings and mask's only becouse they can reset there skills constantly.

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Resetting skills and stats should be permanent and easily doable in my opinion. It doesn't mean it should be done in a second from anywhere in the world but allowing players to experiment, make mistakes and feel like learning their class bit by bit is an important part of immersion.


Maybe only allow a reset from an NPC that is hard to reach (takes a bit of time to get to him) so it cannot be abused.

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that's why i suggested to be X amouth of times per character.How many mistakes will you make with your character? 1? 5? fine make it 10 ressets per character and that's it but endless resettings are hurting the game... and i am talking only skills not stat points.

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There are any number of options for this. I was initially against easy resets, but I've realized that, as usual, the devil is in the details.

Anyway, some ideas:

- a free reset every levelup / every nth levelup

- a quest that provides a reset at an NPC like Wisdom said, hard to reach. Maybe inside a procedurally generated map that changes every day

- a specific loot item that affects resets somehow (either resets skills/stats fully or some sort of piece-meal approach)

- a PvP victory reward (does not stack)

- a consumable bought at the Valor shops

- all of the above

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