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Crafting UI improvement: Add icons to the required crafting mats


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Hey hey rednim!

For me as a ROSE noob it is very difficult to identify craft materials needed for a craft. I'd like to make a suggestion. Adding the crafting material icon to the crafting UI would make it a lot easier to find the needed crafting material in your inventory and make it easier to learn which items to pick up.

With best regards,
Lucky 😛

craft improvement.png

craft improve 2.png

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17 minutes ago, Zeror said:

The whole crafting UI can be more intuitive if you ask me.

I find the way how crafting works in World of Warcraft is a very pleasant way of crafting. Here is an example of the crafting window of WoW


Yeah this would be perfect!! but just adding icons should be a easy to implement win for the crafting UI

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Currently, the crafting dialog UI shows no icons for materials until you've placed the required amount of the correct individual material into it. It'd help newbies to have a greyed-out icon for the material as a reference/guide.


That said, mate, you come across as someone who doesn't sort his storage and doesn't know what's in it. That bit of organization, planning and brainwork is what sets artisans apart from the other classes. If you don't even know your own mats, are you even an artisan...? 

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