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Crafting UI improvement: Add icons to the required crafting mats


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Hey hey rednim!

For me as a ROSE noob it is very difficult to identify craft materials needed for a craft. I'd like to make a suggestion. Adding the crafting material icon to the crafting UI would make it a lot easier to find the needed crafting material in your inventory and make it easier to learn which items to pick up.

With best regards,
Lucky 😛

craft improvement.png

craft improve 2.png

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17 minutes ago, Zeror said:

The whole crafting UI can be more intuitive if you ask me.

I find the way how crafting works in World of Warcraft is a very pleasant way of crafting. Here is an example of the crafting window of WoW


Yeah this would be perfect!! but just adding icons should be a easy to implement win for the crafting UI

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