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Feedback/Suggestion Balancing Zulie income


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well i reach level 70 and finding myself struggling ALOT with zulie....  i dont think that zulie should be earned only and only by quests and even so... i feel imo its not rewarding enough
compare to system prices meaning Scrolls, Food, Traveling Fees, etc etc,
even after 10 hours play and selling the mats i forced myself to pick up from ground
something u didn't really need or forced to do on NA its not making you enough zulie

so... what is that mean?
that i need to bust my head on krawfy quests?
lets admit... the krawfy dont drop that quest item often idk why even after 1 hour of killing it
its not giving item quest

i cant find any logic that even if i reach level 100 what is the next step? the seond job cost 200K
bros i dont have that amount of zulie cause zulie been removed made it nearly impossible to make a living in game
i really have a fear that i will be stuck

Normally in games you make enough money leveling up to cover your mandatory expenses ie. traveling / pots / scrolls
i really think Zulie Drop should be back again in game or reducing the costs of system prices cause its to HIGH
that is what i feel

and in other topic i think the Level 10 Chicken Mount should be brought back again
my cleric is with 690 MSPD and its feels so slow and time consuming
just please bring it back

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My characters are in the 40's and have about 10k saved, and that's with doing quests. The problem is that I can barely hold any mats because there are so few slots, so then there's almost nothing to sell. Most drops have to stay on the ground because there's only room for things I know are valuable, like feathers and refines. This is especially true for my dealer who has to use a row of inventory for bullets.

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Yeah, I have a rant.

For my second job quest I had to scavenge around both of my accounts in order to gather up the 200k needed to accept the 2nd job class. Now I'm running around with 19k to my name on my scout and less than 1k zuly on my arti.. I had no issues and didn't even notice this zuly issue for a while. You can get a lot of zuly through the moldie and krawfy repeatable quests (I had 1.5m between two accounts at one time) but once you hit Luna, that all seemingly stops. The exp is great, but you don't get ANY zuly reward at all. I'm currently still spec'd to dual wield hawker even though my job class is a scout. I can't afford a bow, any new gear, and especially can't afford arrows. I have no problem farming for my jag set and bow (even though I don't know where to look, this mystery is a part of the fun in the game and this isn't sarcasm) but it would be nice to be able to travel back and forth from Junon to Kenji beach or Adventure Plains without having to fork over more zuly than it cost to buy a scroll lol. 6k is outrageous while we're in this situation. I cant even imagine how much a Garnet 7 will cost.. 1.5m? But then you pose the question for anyone who DOESNT have an artisan. How will they afford a G7 when its in someone's vending shop? I honestly don't know the answer to that.


Hmmm..  Fixes?

I have no idea. I've never taken economics class. I'm sure they've thought to add zuly drops, maybe even in low denominations so I won't suggest that. I just wanted to share my situation in hopes that it would spark some thoughts within the team. This is my non alpha tester feedback.

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im having the same problems and im only lvl50 dealer, i had hoped the prices of stuff would have been adjusted before launch since they where raised so many times due to in game inflation...


I keep all drops i know ill use for crafting but dont have enough to craft anything to sell ad cant afford to buy the mats to crat...

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