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Allow us to select our 'title screen', also put our other characters in the other slots


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Personally I'm a big fan of the treehouse title screen.  Most of the time though I get the weird stone henge login and its nowhere near as cool.  The castle one is pretty good too.

It would be cool if we could choose which one we wanted, maybe in settings?

Also it would be awesome if our alts were sitting in the other chairs (or statue platforms for castle).

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Select start button and type in %APPDATA% then enter.

Ini file is located:

%appdata%\Roaming\Rednim Games\ROSE Online\config\rose.ini

Next, right click rose.ini and select Edit.

Go to where you see:


The number 0 can be changed to either: 

0 = random
4 = Evo (Treehouse)
7 = naRose (Adventure Plains)
16 = iRose (Junon Castle)

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