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This is for FUTURE project.

So first, I hope the new Rose online will make a big hit first, I don't know how many servers will be available the beginning but I'm guessing one server for all, squishing all the clutters in one. As time goes by, or when developers think the time is right, maybe opening classic server can be a good plan. This is for people who miss the good old Rose we all used to know. When cleric buffs are still OP, when the login screen is a tiny little tree house, when the UI is blue, when people gathered near burtland to enter clanfield hunting super jelly bean! 

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2 minutes ago, Winniethenoob said:

No from me, this is the same suggestion like a 5x server for people who dont have enough time. It will divide the player base.

However if they dont bring back the tree house login screen im going to throw a tantrum.

yup thats the downside. I'm afraid of players getting divided too.

maybe should see how big the first wave would be

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I am sure it will split players as history has shown also with Leo/Draco on NA also, as its too much time for most to level/play on 2 servers

As mentioned before, maybe in long term, years from now when current version is done and full of bored people, even though personally i would prefer Rednim focus in one version fully, than split attention on two (or have classic one updated only as band aid) 

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There is no future in nostalgia servers.
They are solved, beaten games and while a trip down memory lane is nice, the charm wears off quickly and you remember the flaws it had. 
Then one of two things happen, they get updates to solve problems but making them no longer original content. Or they stay the same and have a dismal population since nothing ever changes on it. 

I vote no. All effort now and future should be on making the best version possible, and not dividing those resources and funding to something that is by all accounts, a doomed venture. 

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