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Character Auction


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Hello everyone,

This suggestion is an idea that has been marketed in other games, I do not know if certain licenses need to be purchase or pay to royalties for such ideas but ask your lawyer/s.

It may seem to be a pay to win; which is a word that can be defined differently among the community. Many may not like the grind of leveling on certain classes and would not mind buying some item mall points to purchase characters in auction. Many of us returning players are eager to play and ready to level up 20+ characters to max like the good ol' days. However, most of us need to work and more likely are left behind from groups or parties because of many reason that anyone could come up with, leaving us stranded. This could favor all kind of players and mostly future players as the release of December 13, 2022 is upon us. For instance, lets say if the drop rate of unique weapons are only available for certain character levels and someone is selling a level 130 bourgeoise, they could surely benefit from purchasing this character to farm in Luna temple or what you have. Another individual may benefit from purchasing a max level artisan, so they could work their crafting skills. How about a Max level scout for player vs player wars.. I think I am explaining myself to everyone that this is a potential idea.  It does have its successful drawbacks when equipment is also tradable with the character but I will try to slow those drawbacks and I believe the Rose Online Team can have a good hand in controlling those drawbacks. So let dig in Moldie!

To the point and its limits

The highest bidder wins the character and its' belongings that it can hold in its bag and capacity. In most cases the website which will be run by Rose Online Team will give seven days of auction time to players to selling their characters with gears and materials on them or without anything. Usually the character auction webpage will disclose all items it could hold with descriptions refined or not, Quest completed, achievements and locked items will be transferring with the character. Here It is up to the Rose Team to decide which step would be easier or have less issues and risks as to making this idea realistic. Should all items descriptions be shown or only the ones being equipped? Keeping in mind that some rewards for quest are tradable and valuable like oro's Set. So, if quests could be removed from the character we just need to make sure the job/class quests are not- so there is not a double class character out there.  Or would being completely naked a requirement to auction a character? If the Rose Online team is interested to allow equipment there is more text on this stuff further into the letter. I will try my best to be transparent on all possible exploits of this idea. If you do have any exploits that could render from this please add to this. I would like for this game to stay and be upgraded in the long run or short if we as a community are United As One we might just get a newer engine quicker. Who knows. =p

The character can not be in a guild or be access to login during the auction.

Would there be a reserve or a non-reserve auction? Let us have both.

Listing characters in Auction could only be allowed by premium accounts but for free to play accounts may purchase characters in auction- again it is via item mall points, so really you just need to have the points. It is up for the Rose Team on this. I have not been informed on anything about premium accounts and what their perks are so take it as you wish. I would not mind needing premmy to sell a character as it is a another way to slow pay to win- more on that about this idea further in the text. Limiting the amount of characters you may have in an account, as to how many you can auction a week and as to what the minimum level would be to auction a character. I think one auction per account would be a safe spot at a minimum level 100. It could be a midpoint for someone who actually would like to grind the rest of the endgame levels but start in first class and have a choice of a second class.

There will be a cost of course for this safely service. More on that further in the text.

Goodwill and disclosure

Before selling the character is it up for the Rose Online Team either decide in disclosing the stats and skills of the character in auction-this provides full disclosure, or provide a higher % at sellers cost to sell a lemon character without showing stats and skills or allow it as lemon to be sold without showing much information. Lemon is commonly known as a nice looking vehicle at a great deal but one finds out after the purchase that it has some major issues that were not informed of and it becomes costly to fix! So a lemon in this case is just a character leveled up crappy stats and skill tree. Not coining any metaphors that have been just trying to write the idea and explain it as something most of us commonly know. A character just leveled up with crappy stats or skills is costly for the buyer to reset and we do not want to discourage this trade. So being clear and transparent would be the wisest choice here. Just how transparent can we be?

Practicing goodwill, will provide a smart decision to the buyer and a clean conscious to the seller and lets not forget our middle man Rose Online Team.- a stat and skill reset already provided by the Rose Online team or left alone? Or would it be better the auction winner can upgrade to a transferable package and get an ign, skill, and stat reset books for a few more item mall points one time deal for each auction won at significantly reduce price than found in the item mall by itself? I know I am adding this extra but its for the same idea... This packet is to be tradeable as it is also useful and possibly cheaper to buy as an incentive for using the character auction website. One may prefer to purchase the tradeable transferable package deal as standard as it can be costly to the seller to reset before auctioning a character and a player vs player loves to build themselves a beastly character- so you know we need these books badly so here is an incentive to jump on the sell and buy character trade market idea.

Actually the In Game Name change should be mandatory so there will not be any con artists asking for items by people who had them on friends list. Which means all friends list that hold the character's name in auction will be wiped from their friends' list as to a safety measure and in protecting the former seller's status. As to is it possible to put the same name again? One can still con someone else.. Anyone could put input on this. I think Add and Icon next to name in friendliest if it can not be wiped and in chat to define it being an auction character. Saying Auction Winner + "Name" so it is force upon the player to use the name change book or ticket and stop their deceiving acts and lock the name for say six months? The ticket or book is character locked not able to put in storage/bank, so if the individual does not change the name they will be force to within three days on the login screen when choosing the character to play. It should be noted that the auction won character should not locked them out from playing their other characters as the name reservation is a lifetime thing, it should be the same with the auction character name change. Whenever the individual is ready to name it, they are ready to play it.

The Successful drawbacks and the start of a new slow pace item mall pay to win if equipment came with the auction character

Limit to only naked characters or provide a little more room to keep only combat and outfit gear on the character but nothing else (no materials, pots, gems etc...) If it is allowed to maximum capacity with or without or some disclosure it gets tricky, risky, and moves us to a quicker pay to win pace.

If you want to allow more items to go with the character than what they have equipped: I do not like this idea because it hastily brings pay to win and it would make it more of a equipment and mat exchange later in endgame for item mall points but I will just mention it so you understand what I mean, by having to disclose the combat equipment and outfit equipment only. There is an downside to this part as well explained further in text. So each have a different pace of pay to win but for the naked requirement suggestion makes this a bonified character auction only.

So let say the Rose Online Team discloses The Items' description data that is wearable by the class during the seven day Auction character page.

I think it would speed that item mall pay to win via player to player foresight issue with this whole idea but not as bad as full on inventory description. For example lets say a Hawker lvl 100 is for sell and it has a Artisan/ Bourg Gun, because they do not have the concentration to wield and or are not the class to wield, there is no description is shown so one could just take this as a normal auction of a player selling a hawker lvl 100. Now if it is wearing some unique katars refine to max and 100 quality with a gem slotted. You would be able to see this as long as they have the required level and stat. All other items will only render an ICON or sprite that for the viewer could understand if it has a gem or if its a gun or whatnot. 

So lets say that the website does show the description of all equipped and outfit equipped items. The buyer would be able to read and understand the purchase further and it turns out that gun is refine to max and has a quality of 100. If it is shown it would increase the purchase price of the character because it a 100 quality item refined to max and the character is just a mule for the transaction or not and its just an extra cherry on top with the gun.

- But if it is not disclosing its description of a unique Gun weapon at the auction website and, it is being advertised by the seller in the trade channel during game time as a refine max with durability 100, buyers would be more alert to just play smart in the auction and start with a small amount for the that auctioned level 100 hawker character if they want that unique gun and hawker. They still do not know if it is refine is maxed and quality 100, so that what I mean by bidding smart-it can be misleading when there is no description of items that can not be wearable by the character.

Where as to provide full description of only the items being equipped by the character when being the corresponding level, class and stats to wield; this may slow this player to player item trade via character auction since only the equipped items are readable for their description and only specific classes can be sold with those items.

Allowing items to be transferred with the character would be cool I do not mind, but here is where I think we cross the another line that envisions pay to win. Yes there is money to be made, but it is like to say Disney Dollars you can not use it outside its realm- this this case only for the item mall store for Rose Online. 

 As the story above about advertising in the trade channel- even though the description of items are not showing, the seller can post a video of themselves auctioning his character with a particular items. What is the strategical decision on this by the Rose Online Team? What are our thoughts on it.

I do not know what should happen to the untradeable or locked items left behind in banks from the character in auction. I would leave that for the Rose Online Team to think of later on.

Is there success to this ?

Each individual has a specific definition of what pay to win means. I do not see it pay to win for later on content; to me it is not an instant boost of power or experience boost that can be grabbed at any time or a refine material, instant heal pot, passive skill right of the bat of opening the server. It is more end game grabber.  Of course I want to go over all the content from level one to max level and all that with one characters or maybe two but to do it over and over again not really I rather reach in my pocket and pay. This is not an idea for a starting server and obviously it can't be- no one is level 10 or reached 100 or what ever it is basically a way of saving time, or skipping the line later in game that will benefit us all.

You may notice you never made a soldier and they look over power and wanted to try end content with it it well go to the auction website and get yourself one and try it. If you don't Like it sell it, keep it do with what you want with it.

 It is still time oriented- someone is going to get experience hunting mobs, the drops, refines and what you have. Which someone may enjoy doing so and someone can benefit from who is younger and does not work away from home as much or can put more than two hours. It is a market for everyone and anyone - a market for people to trade equipment through character auction if allowed, to get any seeking class and level character allowed.

If we end up selling gear via character auction, it will always be a good amount of item mall going back to Rose Online Team this is what we need to remember. it is still safer and a unique way to continue supporting the Rose Online Team and getting something you could still pay for in services. Again it only needs to be limited as to only class type gear as allowed to be in the inventory of the character in auction and needs to be wielded to show description in the auction page- so this is where the Rose Online Team can tweak those limits to control the trade and make it less pay to win.. We have an understanding that you could pay someone to just level your character, you could just buy an account.  But Ask yourself, is it safe? is the market right? what are people willing to pay? You would know this by viewing in the Rose Online character auction.

So now it sounds like endgame will be mostly via item mall points. Well you can gain from that for a newer player. I had many many extra characters did not need them, I had the zullie to max them up and just do dumb stuff with them but If I had them again, I rather get some cosmetic looks and let someone else enjoy the class by putting them to auction at no reserve.

 Could there be a fix for this later on in the future for endgame item mall? Could Gold Sinkers be an answer? Could I transfer Item mall to zullie or buy item points with zullie via market that would fluctuate price ratio for zullie and item mall.  We would need a better understanding of economics; I do not, but if the Rose Online Team thinks ahead maybe they can do something that gives them some control of it unlike many other games. Zullie Sinkers like Entering a dungeon, paying for no exp medals, donating area for increase exp/mob respawn/ more mobs/ imbuements/drops?.  I do not know right now how to slow the drawbacks of the item trade during character auction or the how item mall points could be used in the future- but it can just be stopped by only naked characters to be auctioned. 



Naked = good

Not naked = more controversial of pay to win tactic 

It is a service so it shall have a cost.

  • The cost to post an auction will be free however 5% of the winning bid will be the cost of the seller afterwards. Meaning the higher the auction goes the more item mall points go back to the Rose Online Team. This goes to say that it is a safer way to purchase refine items and materials but through an auction and with full disclosure. Again if the descriptions of the item such as durability or sub stats/ gems slotted would be to much to data to be posted in auction, it could be limited to what the character is only wearing for combat and for outfit or nothing at all. The rest items in backpack could just be icons or not be allowed to have items. The idea is that the buyer gets full disclosure on the items or character they can potentially win but by using character auction only to "sell or buy equipment" is still slowed down because it is a seven day process. The limit can be increased to slow that down too, it is in the power of Rose Online Team to change that as they see the economy. I do not know much about economy but does it sound like there could be an invisible hand here from the Rose Online Team?

Supporting Rose Online Team

The idea is that if we keep item mall non pay to win- there isn't going to be much revenue for the team other than those Outfits and Premium Account. We want to be patrons with subscribing to Rose Online with premium accounts- but I think a Character Auction is another great way to support our content expanders with or without being premium and evading some of the things that are consider No-no's but starting to have a market for.


I do not have any final thoughts

One may ask Why not just do a material or items auction item mall via players then because this is what the idea leads too. Well not necessarily and it actually slows it down or not allow it completely and makes it safer for the seller and consumer if it is, and it promotes the content we play via the cost of the seller and the donation of the buyer. I believe there is limits to tweak and they are in the power of The Rose Online Team, and I just would like to express my gratitude for the years of content and joy this game has brought and hope it brings again to myself and others. And again this is not a overnight thing. We will all probably have 13billion in our accounts with max refines by the time it is implemented. Or it could happen just around the corner. but lets not forget why one would want to have this idea implemented. It is for those who do not have the time to stretch all the way to end game with busy lives and it does bring eager players that are price sensitive or young and can not work yet and want to earn some item mall points.

There will not be a sword max refine selling for $100 that is not the case really... But The Rose Online Team could get 5% of that. Lol. The game has much protentional but its limited and the style probably would not attract people as easily as other games so we just need to figure a ways to keep pumping gratuity to the game where we all win from it. I do hope a new engine with just the look of things this game be insane. If it became action base, oh man this thing will blow up! Then we are talking Oprah money. Maybe I do not know.


This is one of the games I have come across that has a stats table and skill tree that contributes to unique builds- 

I love this game as much you all do so be cool out there. 


Anyways thanks for reading my suggestion. I hope to hear your thoughts, concerns and suggestions in the near future. 





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Appreciate all the thought you gave this. I'm excited to level up my characters, but others prefer end game content. A lot of these players grew up on this game and now have busy lives, so they might not be able to reach the part of the game they like. The game needs the ability them to skip past things they don't want to do without it becoming pay to win. An auction would let players trade time and money between each other.

I'd say only naked characters could be sold or else we will see level 1 characters used to sell items.

My guess is objections to it would be the legal burden. Income tax is the first thing that comes to mind, or maybe they wouldn't be an issue because it's IM points changing hands rather than money. Then again, someone has to buy item mall points, so Rose would be running an exchange and that probably has all sorts of regulations.




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