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Kick off the launch of Rose with the World Cup event


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The World Cup is underway and will still be going when Rose is released. It would be great to turn on the World Cup event/item mall items through the end of December (to give players a chance to complete it). The World Cup is every four years, so it’ll be a long time until we do the event again if this one is missed.

Judy runs the event in Zant, so it is located in a noob zone that all our new characters will be passing through. Players should enjoy getting uniforms representing the teams of their country, favorite countries, or old official servers. The event gave out server uniforms like the KRose and NaRose uniform, while the item mall sold country uniforms. The old rose uniforms would be nostalgic for many players. They could be called something like Vintage NaRose uniform, or Ancient if the devs want to revive that item tag. Most of the country uniforms already exist, so it’d just be a matter of adding the teams that are new to this year’s World Cup.

na rose uniform.png



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I don't remember the World Cup event from NA (it must have been before my time there) but we did have a WC event at Titan back in 2012.  I was looking thru my many screenshots and found a couple of sets that were called "ancient".  I think a friend from Titan who had accounts at NA gave them to me if I remember

Image 1 is Ancient JROSE 
Image 2 is Ancient KROSE
Image 3 is Team USA
Image 4 is from my NA storage

I feel like those last two might were in the Premium Shop or something.  Anyway I like the idea of celebrating the World Cup but probably it might be too much this particular year with EA and the Christmas Event happening at the same time.  However since the soccer sets are still in the game files, maybe they could be in the Item Mall or something. 

ancient jrose soccer.jpg

ancient krose soccer.jpg

team usa.jpg


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