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Weapon upgrade for mercs


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Just a thought that came to mind regarding weapon upgrades for mercs as well. Perhaps as artisans and bourgs can also buy weapons for their mercs i.e (better bows and swords) to increase dmg output or just for an cosmetic purpose. 

Just something to spruce up our mercs. 

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11 hours ago, Bobbity said:

I do this for my drone in Hellgate - gun, sword, armor, the whole shebang. I feel that Rose Online definitely will benefit from this, not just the Dealer class.

Will this make Dealers too strong early, though? 

Depends on what the devs do with it. 

It can be for aestethic or it can actually improve mercs dmg output. 

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It's very Dealer-ish and a way for artis to get crafting sooner, as well as prospective bourgs to get selling and buying sooner. I'd really like CRAFTING to be a way for CRAFTERS to level besides the exp gained from the crafting itself. *wink wink Devs, where are the landmines and turret crafting skills?*

With IM fake weapons this could be for aesthetics too.

I have only one worry - if dealers could double or even triple their earlygame DPS just through crafting from loot, will they turn into asocial nerds?

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