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Scaling Junon Map Levels


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I did not really play EVO, so I am speaking from an iRose POV.

I think it would be a great idea to scale the monster levels on Junon Planet a bit better, to get better use out of all the maps (if possible). I love Breezy Hills, Forest of Wisdom, and Anima Lake so much and think they do not get used as much as the other maps when leveling because all of the lower level maps seem to be around the same level/not worth traveling to. 

pros: more usage of maps; spreads players out more (not sure if this is a pro, but I think it’s good since then there wouldn’t be like 50 people at Woopies in Zant the first day), 

cons: could be harder to have to scale each map; maps may be too big and still not worth running to, since only certain areas have dense population of mobs (and those tend to attract the most people) 

Even if this isn’t the best suggestion, I think doing something to have people go to these type of maps would be a good choice all around. 

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