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Balancing the game... Remove Botting option.


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I think to balance all classes, the cleric buff should be reduced in duration. for a couple seconds for example. that way all classes will have strengths in each line. and the game won't feel too fast. 

The Carts and Mount will have its value again, due to the absence of the unsustained dash buff, so player will choose to have mount and Carts.

Cleric has 2 different focus, between enchanter or healer.

And i think heal skill need longer Cooldown, and add the Mobs area skill with timer that deals massive damage so player must dodge it.

With that change... players can't auto lvling again (Boting) or leecher, and  will be harder to get caps lvl. without Boting player will have real experience and memories each level went up. 

(Item Mall double exp medals will have more value again)

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