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Ingame Event Indicator


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At NA, annual events automatically begin and end without the need for a server restart but I think it would be good to have some sort of notice in the game about events,  I was thinking maybe it could be a system message when you log in.  This image is from the test server to show what I mean by system message.

The message wouldn't have to be fancy, just the name of the event and possibly directing players to check here at the forum for more info.  At least that way you would see when you logged in that something is happening.  

I do plan to post the annual event list once the game launches and I've got event guides for every event too.  I just thought it would be useful to have some indication when you log in since not everyone is familiar with the annual events from NA


system chat.jpg

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39 minutes ago, Avatar said:

So the only difference between this and Trebor’s suggestion is that the active event be listed in the system messages? 

Right.  To me it makes more sense to have it here rather than something near the character info.

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