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4v4 Remix Tournament (CANCELLED)

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All are invited to participate in another Community Event - 4v4 Remix Tournament! This event was designed to bring players together for some friendly competition, while also building new friendships. Participants will be randomly assigned teams! Hense the REMIX. The team combinations will vary, as will the tactics. Let's see if you can make your team victorious!? Registration opens immediately.



Prizes (split evenly between team members)

1st Place - 80 million zulie

2nd Place - 60 million zulie

3rd Place - 40 million zulie


Tournament Rules

1. Players must register on the forums by 12May. Players can only participate on one account and character. Participants must be lvl 240 or above.

2. Players will be randomly assigned to a 4-player team upon entry. Teams will be released on 15MAY so teams may communicate, organize, and practice together.

3. Players must stay within the boundaries of the tournament area in Training Grounds during the match. A player that violates the boundaries will be out of play for the remainder of the match.

4. Only 1 res permitted per character if the team has a means of doing so. If a player accidently gets resurrected a second time, they must exit the boundaries immediately. If the player attempts to aid their team after dying twice in any manner ie buffing, healing, attacking, etc. that team is disqualified.

5. All consumables useable in training grounds are permitted for the tournament.

6. Buffs must come from team members or consumable items.

7. If you are not in a match, you must stay within the stands inside training grounds until called forward.

8. No explicit language or arguing with the referees. This will result in disqualification from the tournament.

9. Remove buffs when not participating in a match. This will lower latency with in-game spectators.

10. Teams must be ready to participate in matches throughout the event. A team that is unavailable to participate within 2 minutes of the announced match start time will result in a forfeit.

11. A team must have all 4 members to start the match unless opposing team agrees to fight, otherwise it’s a forfeit.

12. Matches have a 5- minute limit. The last team standing or team with he most kills wins upon the end of the match. A draw will be resolved by a 1v1 from a member of each team.

13. Have fun and make new friends!


Disclaimer: Rules may be updated as we near D - day! Remember, this is a community-lead event but we will attempt to make it as polished as possible. Player feedback is much appreciated.


Registration: Register for this event by clicking “reply to this topic” and posting your character name, class, and lvl.


LVL 250 Knight – Austinbomb


Volunteer Opportunities:

- Streamers (We would prefer to have multiple videos of this event from different points of view)

- Referees (2 is the current requirement with 1 being the lead. Once the lead makes a decision, it stands.)

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11 hours ago, Mona.T said:

2 xbow knights 2 clerics

It's randomized teams so... Possible but unlikely. More like 4 clerics vs 4 DPS XD


I'm using Excel to randomly assign teams and will record it so people don't think I'm manually doing it.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, MegaSoftHeart said:

4 v 4 would be more balance as long as there is enough damage for every team.

It's a remix! So you won't register as a group and placed with 3 other randoms. Hopefully we see some unique combos, tactics, and new friendships!

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  • Austinbomb changed the title to 4v4 Remix Tournament (CANCELLED)

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