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New game account security measures

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Hello all,

We will soon be releasing a new security measure to provide extra protection for your ROSE Online game account. When signing into a game account for the first time from a new device, you will receive an email with a special link to authorize access before being able to log in to the game. Once a device has been authorized you will be able to login normally.

This security measure is designed to prevent unwanted access to your game account in the event your game password has been compromised. It is imperative that if you receive an email for a sign in attempt but you did not attempt to join the game, that you do NOT click the link and change your password immediately.

For more information about all the account security methods please visit: https://forum.roseonlinegame.com/account-security/


How it works

The first time you sign in from a new device you will see this message:


Before being able to continue, you will need to check the email inbox associated with the account for a verification email. It will look like this:


Clicking the verification link will take you to the website. If you are not logged in at the website, you will need to login to the account that you are trying to log in to the game with. You will then be prompted to save your device details:



After providing a name for this device and clicking "Save Authorized Device", this will now appear on your profile and you will be able to log in to the game using the game client.

If you have any issues or questions please reach out to the team at https://support.roseonlinegame.com.


Multiple Accounts

Players are allowed to have multiple accounts (although only two can be used simultaneously per person as per our rules). We highly encourage people with multiple accounts to take advantage of a special feature that most major email providers offer that allows them to have different email addresses with a '+' sign that go to the same inbox. This can make it easier to manage account security across different accounts.

For example:

This feature is enabled for many email providers including gmail, yahoo and outlook. Please consult your email providers documentation if you're unsure if they have this offering.


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