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Had to stop by and say Hello!


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Hey everyone!

I am Coffee, former leader of the clan Godly and Terracide.  I was the first community developer for the game, creating the Jabberwock Shield and Tortoise Backshield. When the game went Pay To Win I dropped all my gear in town and logged off permanently. Glad to hear the game is coming alive once again, I plan to be here!  Here are some old screenshots, as well as the items I made for the game. If any old Godly/Terracide members are around shoot me a DM, or add me on Discord CoffeeCrazy#6605

❤️ Honeybuns, thanks for telling me to come here!






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I was around mostly when +7 was the best gear. I remember +9 came out when p2w did, or close to it. Sadly I can't remember who I left the Godly clan to. The Terracide clan was destroyed because I went back to lead Godly and the person i left in charge of Terracide got banned, lol.

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