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Finally got it working on my Mac m1pro

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Finally succeeded playing on my mac m1 arm based laptop.
So excited to play again after many years. 💫

Because I did not find a guide yet for mac and did not get it to work earlier, here is a short one for anyone who is interested:

In short I did the following:
Used Whiskey, Installed Steam and Rose Online inside the same bottle. Used the special swamp_rose_updater to update Rose.
Then opened Steam, added Rose manually and used the start options: --init --server connect.roseonlinegame.com on the trose.exe.

So step one:
Make sure you are using OSX 14.0 or higher (I have 14.0)

Step two:
Install Whiskey

Step three:
Open Whiskey and make a new bottle with windows 10 and call it RoseOnline or something you like.

Step four:
Download SteamSetup.exe

Step Five:
Click start and search for the SteamSetup.exe and let it run

Step Six:
Download RoseOnlineSetup.exe

Step Seven:
Install RoseOnline in the same bottle and select "for all users" (or something) when asked in the install menu. 

Step Eight:
Make sure you have homebrew installed.
If you don't have homebrew installed type this first in the terminal to install:
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/HEAD/install.sh)"

See also https://brew.sh/ for more info or ask ChatGPT for help.

Step Nine:
Install the swamp_rose_updater (see the following thread for more info.)
But in general you can just run this in the terminal:
brew tap snyke7/swamp-rose-brew https://github.com/snyke7/swamp-rose-updater && brew install --cask --no-quarantine swamp_rose_updater


Step Ten:
Throw your installed RoseOnline folder on top of the swamp_rose_updater (you can find the icon in your Apps folder)
Let it run a while, you can see the progress in your terminal window.

Step Eleven:
Open Steam and log in

Step Twelve:
Add trose.exe to your game library

Step Thirteen:
Select trose in your library and click the gear icon on the right and put the following line in startoptions: 
--init --server connect.roseonlinegame.com

Step Fourteen:
Now you can click on the green play button and Rose will open!

Hope it works for others as well, I just played for a few minutes and then started writing this here out of excitement.
I cannot tell much about how it performs, but I fought some Jelly Beans already 🙂

Ps. thanks a lot for everyone who shared info about the steam start options and the swamp_rose_updater



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Sadly after the last update on 1 April it is not working anymore.
It keeps hanging on the screen: Connecting to the server..
Tried it many times, even reinstalled everything, but could not get it to work anymore.

Also when launching via steam it immediately shows this message:
Sorry, ROSE Online has crashed!
It still starts, but then keeps hanging at the Connecting to the server screen.

Do I maybe need to change something at the start options within Steam? Maybe some server things changed? Previously before 1 April 2024 this worked:
--init --server connect.roseonlinegame.com

Hope someone can help! Was fun to play on Mac for how long it lasted anyway 🙂


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