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Dungeon MAX TANK knight [Cou/Sod/Hoo]


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I run dungeons often and there has been many questions about what sets work well. This build is primarily for tanking/taunting only. 

Please note this is how i built my knight, and it is build for "end game" (means you have enough zulies for upgrades/etc and have spent enough time to gather all valor parts, element scrolls and so on), provided stat points are not perfect for every game mode

[Cave Of Ulverick]

Best armor element: Sorcery (sold as Magic Scroll of Defensive Elements)

Cheaper/Alternative: Wind (sold in Valor shop as Wind Scroll of Defensive Elements). Has no bonus against normal/neutral monsters

I primarily use Exalted Legionnaire Guard set there with Spider Bite accessories and Wings (Can be  Eudy Fairy Wings or Wings of the Risen Phoenix), everything has Movement speed 60/Dodge Rate 100 (i drilled all Movement speed items, so i dont mix them up or sell accidentally 😅). I dont use any gem inside Guard Armor





I use Sorcery Defensive element in armor that is best for Cave, but Wind Element (from Valor shop) works very well also.

Currently i have all armors are (17), Wings are (15), Shield is (20) and provides following stats:


With buff pot my movement speed is about 1500, dodge is about 2300, with hawker buff both higher

I do have also Brave Armor with Sorcery that i can use if there is no cleric as i built all fourr armor plates element sets to cover all dungeons.


[Sea Of Dawn]

Best armor element: Holy (sold as Spiritual Scroll of Defensive Elements)

Cheaper/Alternative: Fire (sold in Valor shop as Flaming Scroll of Defensive Elements). Has no bonus against normal/neutral monsters




All Brave armors has Rosasite Cushion[13] gem for damage reduction

All Spider bit accessories has and Brave Weapon has Opal[8] (Either Sword or Blunt from Valor shop)



Helmet, Gauntlets and Boots has Star Quartz Pear[5], Star Quartz Baguette [5] and Star Quarts Asscher [5] from Valor shop.



I use Holy Defensive element in armor what is best for Sea of Dawn, but Fire Element (from Valor shop) works very well also.

This provides following stats:


With dodge/magic defense buff pots:


Raider dodge buff raises dodge to ~2300+, cleric magic defense raises magic defense to ~6800+.

Current build allows surviving/tanking all Vengeful Wisps that spawn, assuming you time Guard/Shield spikes properly and have AOE character in group or just taunt all monsters to you to let others leave safely and leave place yourself 


[Halls Of Oblivion]

Best armor elements: Ghost and Poison (Poison against second floor "Holy" elemenet monsters and King, Ghost against all others)

Cheaper/Alternative: Water and Earth (sold in Valor shop as Soaked and Earthen Scroll of Defensive Elements). Has no bonus against normal/neutral monsters

If you just rush/circle/lure, i normally used Movement speed spider set (from Cave section of post) and just Ghost or Poison element vest, wings/mask from movement set.

If you clear most, i use same set as for Sea of Dawn except choosing vest with right element:

On first floor Ghost or Fire element

On second floor Poison or Earth element

Third floor Poison or Earth element

If final boss is King -> Poison or Earth Element

If final boss is Queen -> Ghost or Water Element


Using correct element you can easily lure all rooms without problems, circle or tank them while your group handles the damage/objectives.


For skills i have (this is ideal for Cave of Ulverick as you have auto attack speed/damage):






(Sacrifice Lev.5, Guardian's Might, Shield Spikes)


Alternative Skill tree for MAX Taunt/Stun (has no damage, but primarily "group utility" build):

Added also notes skills i mostly use in dungeons, depending on situation/group






Basically this build sacrifices damage for:

  • Sacrifice (wide range/16m, AOE 100% taunt, every 20 seconds)
  • PVM Impact wave (shorter range/8m, AOE 100% taunt, every 12 seconds)
  • Taunt (average range/15m, single target 100% taunt, every 14 seconds)
  • PVM Shield Bash (100% Stun for 5 seconds, every 9 seconds)
  • Sword Force (short range/10m, single target 70% taunt, every 9.5 seconds)
  • Fatal Trust (100% chance attack 12.25% power down for 5 seconds, every 5.5 seconds)

This tree uses 2 Valor shop PVM skills and fully built just to tank and taunt/stun, has no real damage as result.


For stats (with all items unequipped):




Weapon notes:

Knight basically have to pick weapon based on damage type. Sword is best if you are auto attack/speed based build, Blunt weapon is better if you are AOE etc build (it has higher damage, but slower speed). Unique Endless Blade is primarily used for attack speed knight, Valor shop blunt for aoe/tank build. Some knights uses Courage sword from valor shop for damage also.


If you primarily/only run Cave of Ulverick, dont bother putting any INT, put more dex and Charm instead (gives more dodge, a bit better buffs and spiders will critical hit you less).


Please note this is purely farming/dungeon build, it will not have any positive results in PVP.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me here or in game on my knight named "zero".


Original post by GodOfEntity for SOD that i also used in first Sea of Dawn runs




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Added weapon choice notes
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